Lawn Maintenance -Update 12th September

Maintenance on the lawns will commence week commencing 9th September resulting in restrictions on lawn use.

Lawn availability from Monday 16 September will be as follows:
Monday: 3 short, 1 full.
Tuesday: 2 full, 1 short. 
Wednesday: 3 short, 1 full. 
Thursday: 2 full, 1 short.
Friday Saturday and Sunday: 3 short, 1 full, except Sunday 22nd September when there is a B class league match requiring 2 full lawns .

Future Wednesday competitions will be restricted to 1 big lawn and 3 short lawns.
If you wish to play, please sign the list in the clubhouse. If the list is full you will have priority for the following week.

Solomon Grundy competition will also have restriction to 8 players – so again please sign on the list in the clubhouse.

Bowdon Firs vs Southport – NWF Handicap League (7 September)

Bowdon Firs lost to Southport 3-4 at Southport on Saturday 7th September.
The team was:

The Southport team was: Barbara Haslam (3.5), Tony Thomas (5), Brian Lewis (7), Gail Moors (12)

In a very, very close match we lost all 3 games in the morning. The doubles match was very close, and could have gone either way.
That meant we had to win all 4 games in the afternoon to win the match, so in order of finish:-
Barry beat Tony   
Barbara conceded to John as she had a bad back
Steve beat BrianSue
Gail’s match went to Golden Hoop, with both having chances, but Gail eventually won.
So a valiant effort, but still a loss.

The detailed scores were:

Steve & Sue lost to Barbara & Gail -1T
– lost to Tony -9
– w/o from Barbara
– lost to Brian -19
– beat Tony +11
Steve beat Brian +5TSue lost to Gail -1T

To view the current league standings visit: NWF Handicap League Table