Bowdon lose to Westmorland, away, in the NWF Midweek Handicap League, 19th May

Our team managed only one win in a difficult match against strong opponents at Levens Hall. Bowdon’s team was Andrew Thomson (captain), Mike Flannery, Charles Fraser and Nigel Matthews.

Westmorland took a clean sweep of games in the morning. In the doubles, Nigel (1.5) and Mike (11), lost to John Shakespeare (12) and Sue Pritchard (12), by -10. Andrew (5) lost to Neil Adams (2.5), by -11. Charles (12) lost to Ivan Wheatley (4.5) by -1 on time.

In the afternoon Andrew showed a Captain’s determination to beat Ivan +15. Mike lost to Sue -5, Nigel lost to Neil -16 and Charles lost to John -4 on time.

The gardens were nice!

John Saxby Competition – Week 8

Geoffrey Hunt

Geoffrey Hunt wins week 8 of the John Saxby Wednesday competition. As this is week 8 the table shown in the link below will now start to show the top 8 scores. Currently Fiona Whittaker is top of the league.

1st Geoffrey Hunt 90 pts
2nd Cas Sinclair 85 pts
3rd Lorna Frost 84 pts

The full table can be found here

Bowdon play at home against Nottingham in the Mary Rose Inter-Club competition, 22nd May

Bowdon are playing Nottingham in the first round of the national Mary Rose Inter-Club competition this Sunday 22nd May. The match will be played on lawns 2 and 3, until about 4.30pm. This competition is for players with handicaps of 0 and above, and teams must have an aggregate handicap of at least 4. Club members will have the opportunity to watch some good quality croquet played. Come along and support the team. The team is Will Mellor (Capt.), Adrian Apps, Alan Mayne & Mike Sandler.

We wish the team the best of luck.

NWF B-Advanced League team away to Bury, 22nd May

The Bowdon B-level Advanced team to play against Bury on Sunday 22nd May is Charles Harding (Capt.), Nigel Matthews and Brian Medley.

We wish them the very best of luck.

Brian Storey is playing in a NWF Millennium Short Croquet Competition at Fylde, 22nd May

This is one of 4 events during the summer, and Brian is defending the title that he won at Chester last year. Brian’s skill level is such that he has to complete 3 peels, and is often playing against players that have several bisques. We know it is asking a lot, but hope that he can retain his title, which would be a another magnificent achievement. Good luck Brian.

NWF Handicap League: Crake v Bowdon, 21st May

Bowdon are playing away at Crake in the NWF Handicap League on 21st May.

Our strong team is Dave Holland (captain), Barry McKenzie, Andrew Whittaker and Adrian Apps.

We wish them good luck on the lawns, and an enjoyable long drive.

Bowdon win 7 – 0 against Belsay Hall in GC Inter-Club match, 7th May, 2022

Bowdon enjoyed a very convincing win, by 7 – 0, against Belsay Hall in the Croquet Association Golf Croquet inter-Club Championship. The Bowdon team was Angharrad Walters (Captain), Alan Mayne, Colin Irwin and Will Mellor. The Belsay Hall team was Derek Johnson, David Knowles, Phil Errington and Eric Nixon.

We must congratulate the team on such an emphatic win and look forward to their next round match.

In the doubles

Angharrad and Alan beat Phil and Eric 7-2, 7-6

In the singles games

Angharrad beat Phil 7-4, 7-2

Alan beat Eric 7-4, 7-5

Colin beat Derek 7-6, 7-1, and David 7-3, 7-1

Will beat David 7-1, 7-5 and Derek 7-5, 7-4

Bowdon beat Bury Sovereigns in Level Play Golf Croquet, 12th May

Bowdon achieved an impressive win over Bury Sovereigns by 12 games to 6, on Thursday 12th May at Bowdon in the NWF Level Play Golf Croquet League. Our team was: Angharrad Walters (Captain), Nigel Matthews and Andrew Thomson. The Bury Sovereigns team was John Gilmartin, David Barrett and Richard Leach.

Angharrad beat Richard Leach 7-2, 7-4, John Gilmartin 7-3, 7-2 and David Barrett 7-3, 7-2 winning all 6 of her games.

Nigel beat Richard Leach 7-5, 7-4, drew with David Barrett 5-7, 7-2 and lost to John Gilmartin 2-7, 3-7 to win 3 out of his 6 games.

Andrew beat Richard Leach 7-3, 7-4, drew with David Barrett 6-7, 7-5 and lost to John Gilmartin 6-7, 4-7 to win 3 out of his 6 games..

Well done team.