Angharrad Walters wins the May Handicap, The Reed Cup, 4th – 6th May

It did not rain at all!! The tournament began on a chilly, overcast Saturday, followed by a lovely sunny and warm Sunday. On Monday the knock-out stage was played in perfect conditions with plenty of sun but not too hot. All players enjoyed the excellent playing conditions on lawns that were a testament to Alan Mayne’s professionalism. Lorna managed the tournament in her usual efficient manner, as well as maintaining discipline and order. She also stayed on station whilst very enthusiastic players seemed intent on playing until midnight on Saturday and Sunday. The whole tournament was a very pleasant experience for all involved, which is always objective.

Angharrad was a worthy winner of our May Handicap Tournament, and was accordingly presented with The Reed Cup. The Runner up was Philip Jay from Huddersfield CC, again performing very well in this tournament after winning the Egyptian prize last year. The final was a tense affair with Philip playing well to build a substantial lead, reaching peg with his first ball, but running out of bisques with his second ball only having scored 3 hoops. Angharrad then sought to hit in while Philip crept round and for some while outscored Angharrad. Eventually Angharrad made substantial breaks and won by 24 – 21 on time. The winner of the Egyptian competition was Adrian Apps, who had won the Reed Cup in 2019.

In the semi-finals Angharrad Walters beat Cas Sinclair (the undefeated leader after the first two days) +3, and Philip Jay beat Chris Williamson +9 on time. Before the semi-finals there was a tie on wins and points between Angharrad and Sue Longcroft from York CC for fourth place. A shoot-out was arranged in which they each tried to get a ball nearest to the peg from the West boundary. Angharrad duly won.

Further items of note were that Adrian Apps lowered his handicap to 2.5, and Chris Williamson from Penrith lowered his from 16 to 14. Louise McElarney from Penrith CC received a Croquet England Bronze Award and Philip Jay from Huddersfield CC received a Croquet England Silver Award.

The players were, with handicaps, as playing in the Tournament.