Ladder Competitions 2020

The ladder competitions which were introduced during the Covid 19 restrictions can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Just a reminder to members playing in the ladder competitions. All games played must be recorded on your handicap card and the index adjusted. If any member is experiencing problems filling in their card please approach a member of the handicap committee (Brian Storey, David Walters, Barry Keen, Ken Cooper, Colin Irwin or Alan Mayne).

18pt TOP 9 (as at 9 August)

Charles Harding770100%10
Stephen Taylor440100%10
Mike Sandler220100%10
Nigel Matthews86275%4-3
Mike Steer43175%4-3
John Lambie64267%61
Mike Shelmerdine64267%6-5
John Haworth32167%64
Andrew Thomson74357%91
Graham Abraham74357%9-1

For full 18pt ladder click here

14pt TOP 10 (as at 9 August)

Anne Whalley220100%19
Sylvia Steer220100%10
Bryan Goude110100%19
Charles Fraser110100%19
Kay Martin110100%10
Pauline Hennell110100%19
Richard Green110100%10
Alison Court32167%82
Peter Mayne32167%8-7
Mike Flannery63350%10-5
Tim McCoy63350%10-5

For full 14pt ladder click here