Ladder Competitions 2020

The ‘COVID’ ladder competitions ended on 30 September. See below for the final placings for the 18 and 14 point ladders. This ladders showing the rankings based on having completed 10 matches.

Congratulations to Steven Taylor and Peter Mayne who won the 18 and 14 point respectively. With Nigel Matthews, John Lambie (18 pt) and Mike Flannery, Bryan Goude (14pt) in 2nd and 3rd places.

In all over 600 competitive games were played, special mention should go to Alan Mayne who as well as playing 38 games also kept track of all the other results too.

18pt TOP 10 (as at 30 September)

Steven Taylor1211192%10
Nigel Matthews2519676%20
John Lambie2014670%31
Charles Harding2215768%4-1
John Haworth117464%52
Andrew Thomson27171063%6-2
Adrian Apps24141058%71
Geoffrey Hunt127558%7-1
Liz Webb2011955%90
David Holland116555%1012

For full 18pt ladder click here

14pt TOP 8 (as at 30 September)

Peter Mayne108280%10
Mike Flannery1712571%21
Bryan Goude117464%3-1
Charles Fraser117464%310
Tim McCoy29141548%5-1
Fred Owen104640%611
George Kistruck1551033%7-2
Carole Kelsall2051525%8-2

For full 14pt ladder click here