Bowdon Winners of Festival of Croquet at Southport – 25th-26th June

The annual festival of croquet took place the weekend of 25th & 26th June with Bowdon overall winners and winning 4 of the 5 events.

Charles Harding captained the Bowdon team. The squad of players over the 2 days were:

A-Class Doubles: Charles Harding & Brian Medley

Short Croquet: Cas Sinclair, Brian Storey & Louise Cheyne

18pt. Handicap: Dave Holland, Adrian Apps,  Andrew Whittaker & Liz Webb

GC Handicap: Margaret Moss, Ros Pimlott, Diana Jerman & Elaine Hibbert

Level-Play GC: Jack Good & Simon Jenkins.

Best Dressed Players

Bowdon beat Llanfairfechan 11-5 in NWF Short League – 19th June

Bowdon beat Llanfairfechan 11-5 in NWF Short League on Sunday 19th June. The team was:

Richard (4) lost to David Harding (6) -10 and Jane Turner (9) -12; beat Cecilia Lilley (6) +7, and Olwen Parry (10) +14.

Nan (8) beat Cecilia +7 and Olwen; lost to David -8 and Jane -8.

Louise (3.5) beat Jane +8, Olwen +5 and Cecilia +5; lost to David -10.

Liz (3.5) beat Olwen +11, Jane +6, David +3 and Cecilia +3.

Bowdon lost to Chester 2-5 in NWF Handicap League, 17 June

Bowdon lost 2-5 to a strong Chester side on Friday 17th June

Adrian (4) and Charles (14) lost to Robin Tasker (4) and David Boyd (6) on golden hoop in the doubles.
Mike (6) lost to Nigel Worthington (12) by 6 hoops and lost to David Boyd by 18.
Liz (11) lost to Sally Slater (14) by 21 hoops but beat Nigel Worthington by 5.
Adrian beat Robin by 14 and Charles lost to Sally by 9.

Bowdon beat Crake Valley 10-8 at home in the NWF Level Play GC League, 9 June

Bowdon had a narrow win, 10 – 8 over Crake Valley at Bowdon on Thursday 9 June. The Bowdon team was Nigel Matthews, Dave Holland and Andrew Thomson. The Crake Valley team was David Cornes, Neil Adams and Sandra Cornes.

Nigel (4) beat Sandra (4) 7-5, 7-3, and drew with David (1) 7-3, 5-7 and Neil (4) 3-7, 7-5

Dave (4) beat Neil 7-5, 7-6, and drew with David 7-4, 2-7 and Sandra 7-5, 6-7

Andrew(4) lost to Neil 6-7, 5-7 and drew with David 7-6, 2-7 and Sandra 6-7, 7-3

Well done team.

Bowdon play Crake Valley at home in the NWF Level Play GC League, 9 June

Bowdon’s host the Level Play Golf Croquet match against Crake Valley on Thursday 9 June. Our team exemplifying skill and determination, and consists of Nigel Matthews, Dave Holland and Andrew Thomson. The match will be played on lawns 2 and 3 for most of the day.

We wish them the best of luck and fine weather.

Bowdon play Southport at Bowdon in the NWF Short League, 12 June

Bowdon host a Southport team in the NWF Short Croquet League on Sunday 12 June. The match will be played on the three short lawns for most of the day. Our team combines skill and determination in equal measures, and consists of Cas Sinclair (Captain), Charles Fraser, Lorna Frost and Margaret Moss.

We wish them the best of luck and fine weather.

Bowdon lose 6-10 at Chester in NWF GC Handicap League, 5 June

Bowdon lost against Chester [6-10 with 2 drawn games] in the NWF Golf Croquet Handicap League on Sunday 5 June. The Bowdon team was Margaret Moss (Captain), Andrew Whittaker, Fiona Whittaker and Charles Fraser. The Chester team was Edward Baskerville, Sarah Clements, Kerry Dadson and Pat Wheeler.

Below is the Bowdon team along with Edward Baskerville of Chester.

In the doubles,

Fiona (10) and Andrew (5) lost 3-5 to Edward (8) and Sarah (10), and Margaret (11) and Charles (9) lost 4-6 to Kerry (8) and Pat (12)

In the singles,

Margaret lost to Sarah 2-7, Edward 4-7, Kerry 1-7 and Pat 1-7

Andrew beat Sarah 7-5, lost to Edward 4-6, and drew against Kerry 5-5 and Pat 6-6

Fiona beat Pat 7-6 and Kerry 7-6, and lost to Edward 3-7 and Sarah 5-7

Charles beat Pat 7-5, Sarah 7-6 and Kerry 7-6, and lost to Edward 4-5

Bowdon beat Chester 4 – 1 in B-Advanced League, 5 June

Bowdon beat Chester at Bowdon in a match that was rather closer than the overall 4 – 1 win suggests. The Bowdon team of Charles Harding (Captain), Nigel Matthews and John Lucas came through to win the second B-Advanced match in a series of 4 against Bury and Chester. We have yet to play against Chester at Chester and Bury here at Bowdon. Chester were represented by Elmyr Hughes, Jerry Guest and David Boyd.

In the morning doubles Charles (2.5) and John (3) beat Jerry Guest (2) and David Boyd (6) +5T. This game was only won on Bowdon’s final turn by Charles who came to the lawn, with Bowdon 5 hoops down, and made a 10 point break as time ran out. Jerry failed to hit in with the final shot of the game. David had played very strongly to build Chester’s lead. In the morning singles game Nigel (1.5) beat Elmyr Hughes (1) by +3T.

In the afternoon games Nigel beat Jerry +17. Charles had a narrow win over Elmyr +1T. John lost -15 to David, who continued his strong form of the morning to record Chester’s only win.