Jack Good wins Level Play GC at Coronation Park, Bury 7th Sep

Jack Good continued his great form by winning the North West Federation Millenium Level Play Golf Croquet tournament at Coronation Park, Radcliffe near Bury. The runner up was Bowdon’s Angharrad Walters and third place went to Paul Rigge of Pendle. Interestingly, all 3 had 4 wins out of 5 but Jack scored the most net hoops. Congratulations Jack.

Jack Good receiving the trophy from Paul Rigge

Millennium Events

Bowdon is represented at the forthcoming Millennium events by:

Brian Storey in the Advanced AC event at Bury on 4/5th September.
Brian finished equal first with Mark Lloyd but, as Mark had beaten Brian earlier in the day, Mark won on count back. Well done Brian, especially as he did his first triple since 2015.

Jack Good in the Level-Play GC event at Bury on 7th September (with Angharrad Walters a reserve if there are not enough entries).

NWF Weekend Short – Bowdon vs Chester – 5th Sept

Bowdon played Chester at home, but were well beaten, 3-13 in the NWF weekend short league.

The Bowdon team was

The Chester Team: Robin Tasker (.5), David Boyd (.5), Jayne Taylor (6) and Derek Bell Jones (3.5)

Cas lost to Derek, Jayne, David and Robin
Louise beat Robin and David and lost to Jayne and Derek
Margaret beat David and lost to Robin, Jayne and Derek
George lost to David, Robin, Derek and Jayne

NWF Midweek H’Cap – Bowdon beat Chester – 1st Sep

Bowdon beat Chester 5-2 in the last match of the NWF Midweek league match on Wednesday 1st September to maintain their 100% record and finish top of the table.

The team was: Andrew Thomson, Adrian Apps, Mike Flannery and Carol Sinclair.

Adrian Apps (3.5) & 
Carol Sinclair (16) lost to
Robin Tasker (3.5) & 
David Boyd (6)
Mike Flannery (11) beatDavid Guyton (6)26-13
Andrew Thomson (7) beatBrian Walton (7)26-2
Andrew beatDavid Guyton 19-13T
Adrian beatRobin26-24
Mike beatDavid Boyd17-16T
Carol lost toBrian-7T

NWF Advanced League – Bowdon beat Chester 3-2 on 28th Aug

Bowdon beat Chester 3-2 for the NWF Advanced league match on Saturday 28th August to go to an unassailable top of the league.

The team was: Brian Kerr, David Cotton & Brian Medley.

Brian K (2) & Brian M (3) beat Elmer Hughes (1) & Jerry Guest (2) +15David (3) lost to James Thomas (5) -7
Brian K lost to Elmer -13David beat Jerry +9Brian M beat James +23

NWF Mid Week H’cap – Westmorland v Bowdon – 19th August

Bowdon travelled to Westmorland, in the grounds of Levens Hall, for the NWF Mid Week Handicap league match on Thursday 19th August. Bowdon were 4-3 winners.

The Bowdon team was Andrew Thomson, Nigel Matthews, Mike Flannery, & John Lambie:

Andrew Thompson (7) &
John Lambie (14) lost to
Mike Hodgson (16) &
Sue Pritchard (12)
Mike Flannery (12) beatIvan Wheatley (4.5)26-19
Nigel Matthews (4) beatRob Harvey (14)18-17T
Andrew beatSue26-21
John lost toMike Hodgson15-18T
Mike lost toRob15-26
Nigel beatIvan26-4

NWF GC Handicap – Bowdon lost Llanfairfechan 6.5 to 11.5 on 19th August

Bowdon lost to Llanfairfechan in the GC Handicap league match 6-11 with 1 game drawn on Thursday 19th August.

The Bowdon team was:

Margaret Moss (Capt), Fred Owen, Carole Kelsall & Diana Jerman

Fred (9) & Diana (12) lost to Rich Harding (-2) & Peter Hughes (11) 5-6Margaret (12) & Carole (12) beat Rod Bowden (10) & Liz Jordan (10) 7-2
– beat Peter 7-2
– beat Liz 7-5
– drew with Peter 6-6
– beat Rod 7-2
– lost to Rich 2-7
– lost to Rod 5-7
– lost to Peter 2-7
– lost to Liz 1-7
– lost to Liz 3-5
– lost to Peter 3-7
– beat Rod 7-3
– lost to Rich 4-6
– beat Rod 7-3
– lost to Rich 1-7
– lost to Liz 4-7
– lost to Peter 5-7

NWF Weekend Handicap – Bowdon vs Chester – 8th August

Bowdon hosted Chester in the NWF Weekend Handicap on Sunday 8th August. Chester won 4 – 2 with the doubles unfinished.

In the morning David Cotton beat their lowest handicap, Robin Tasker. But in the afternoon he could not cope with the 13 bisques of their highest handicap. In the afternoon Liz also beat Robin Tasker. Unfortunately, Charles Fraser and David Holland failed to register a win

The Bowdon team was:

NWF Millennium Short Croquet Tournament – 25th July

Brian Storey won the NWF Millennium Short Croquet Tournament at Chester on Sunday, 25th July. To compound things, Brian had to play with the handicap of having to do 3 peels on his partner ball while his opponents often had umpteen bisques to help them.

With good weather and fast lawns, plus a time limit of 1 hr 25 mins. to help him,  Brian and James Thomas had 3 wins out of 4 games each, but Brian won on count back having beaten James in their match.

Great fun was had by all competitors!

You can read a review of the tournament on the NWF website by following this link.