NWF Millennium Events – July

Two of this year’s NWF Millennium events take place shortly:
10-11 July: AC Handicap at Pendle
25 July: Short Croquet at Chester

Anyone interested in a free entry to either of the above should contact Ken Cooper.

Bowdon lost to Southport 14.5 – 3.5 in NWF GC Handicap – 20th June

Bowdon lost to Southport 14.5 – 3.5 in the NWFed Golf Croquet Handicap match on Sunday 20th June.

The Bowdon team was:

Charles (9) & Carole (12) lost to Derek Lunt (3) & Mike Armstrong (9) 3-7Geoffrey (9) &Margaret (9) lost to Terry Dunbar (4) & Tina Kelly (7) 6-7
Margaret lost to Derek 5-6
– lost to Mike 2-4
– lost to Tina 6-7
– lost to Terry 4-7
Charles lost to Terry 5-6
– lost to Tina 4-7
– drew with Mike 4-4
– lost to Derek 3-7
Geoffrey lost to Tina 6-7
– lost to Terry 5-6
– beat Derek 7-5
– beat Mike 7-2
Carole lost to Mike 5-6
– beat Derek 7-5
– lost to Terry 6-7
– lost to Tina 4-7

Bowdon beat Bury 5-0 in the NWF B-Adv League – 20th June

Bowdon beat Bury 5-0 in the NWF B-Advanced league on Sunday 20th June.

The Bowdon team was:

Adrian (3.5) & Nigel (5) beat Richard Forman (4.5) & Malcolm Dawes (4.5) +7David (3) beat Tony Phillips (3.5) +9
Adrian beat Tony +10David beat Richard +7Nigel beat Malcolm +11

Bowdon beat Southport 5-2 in NWF Midweek Handicap 18th June

Bowdon beat Southport on Thursday 18th June in the NWF Midweek Handicap league.

The Bowdon team was:

John (14) & Barry (10) lost to Tony Thomas (5) & Peter Williams (18) -7
Liz (12) beat Pauline Rooney (18) Cas (16) beat Brian Lewis (7) +3
Barry beat Tony +10 Liz beat Brian +5
John beat Pauline +5 Cas lost to Peter -5

Bowdon beat Llanfairfechan 9-7 in NWF Short League – 13th June

In closely fought match Bowdon beat Llanfairfechan 9-7 in the NWF Short League on Sunday 13th June.

Cas (5) beat Jane Turner (10) 14-7Carole (10) lost to Sarah 10-11Margaret (9) beat Fred 9-8Charles (9) lost to Roger 11-13
– beat Fred Williams (10) 14-8– beat Roger 14-5– lost to Jane 8-14– lost to Sarah 6-9
– beat Sarah Andrew (8) 14-9-lost to Jane 6-14– lost to Roger 10-12– beat Fred 14-6
– beat Roger Edwards (2) 14-4– lost to Fred 12-14– beat Sarah 14-2– beat Jane 14-8

The Bowdon team was:

Bowdon lost to Fylde 1-4 in NWF B-Adv League – 29th May

Bowdon lost to Fylde 4-1 in the NWF B – Advanced league on Saturday 29th May.

Michael and Adrian lost to Liz Wilson and Jim Allcock in the doubles.
Brian beat Peter Wilson
In the afternoon
Adrian lost to Jim; Michael lost to Peter; and Brian lost to Liz.

The Bowdon team was: Brian Kerr, Michael Sandler, and Adrian Apps.

Southport Festival – 14th-15th Aug

Each year, Bowdon joins the other clubs in the north-west at the Festival of Croquet, held at Southport. This year, it will take place over the weekend of 14-15th August.
Anyone who has been before will tell you that it is great fun, being a collection of one of the largest number of croquet players in one place at one time! There are various games of croquet played so there is something for everyone. You can play on just one day or both to represent Bowdon .
In order for the club to play this year, we need someone to captain the side and do a little bit of administration. If you would like to take on this job and help the club then please contact any member of the club committee for further information.
It is a great experience for all taking part and I’m sure you will enjoy every minute of it.
Bowdon cannot enter without your help – don’t leave it to the usual few people.

Teams Entered for NWF Leagues

Following the recent survey of members, the following teams have been entered in the NW Federation leagues together with the captains:

Name of NW Fed LeagueCaptain
B-AdvancedBrian Kerr
AC Weekend HandicapDavid Holland
AC Midweek HandicapAndrew Thomson
Short CroquetCas Sinclair
GC Handicap Margaret Moss

Members who have indicated that they are willing to play in the leagues are:

B-AdvancedAC Weekend HandicapAC Midweek HandicapShort CroquetGC Handicap
Adrian AppsAdrian AppsAdrian AppsCharles 
Mike Flannery
David CottonDavid CottonMike FlanneryJohn 
Martin Granger BrownCharles FraserCharles FraserCarole 
Brian Kerr (C)David Holland (C)David HollandGeorge 
Moss (C)
Nigel MatthewsJohn LambieCarole KelsallJohn 
Will MellorNigel MatthewsJohn LambieWill 
Mike SandlerRos PimlottNigel MatthewsMargaret 
Andrew ThomsonBrian RustRos PimlottBrian 
Mike SandlerBrian RustCarol 
Sinclair (C)
Andrew ThomsonCarol SinclairAngharrad 
Angharrad WaltersAndrew Thomson (C)
Liz WebbAngharrad Walters
Liz Webb

If there are any members, other than the above, who wish to play in any of the teams, please contact the respective captains.