Teams Entered for NWF Leagues

Following the recent survey of members, the following teams have been entered in the NW Federation leagues together with the captains:

Name of NW Fed LeagueCaptain
B-AdvancedBrian Kerr
AC Weekend HandicapDavid Holland
AC Midweek HandicapAndrew Thomson
Short CroquetCas Sinclair
GC Handicap Margaret Moss

Members who have indicated that they are willing to play in the leagues are:

B-AdvancedAC Weekend HandicapAC Midweek HandicapShort CroquetGC Handicap
Adrian AppsAdrian AppsAdrian AppsCharles 
Mike Flannery
David CottonDavid CottonMike FlanneryJohn 
Martin Granger BrownCharles FraserCharles FraserCarole 
Brian Kerr (C)David Holland (C)David HollandGeorge 
Moss (C)
Nigel MatthewsJohn LambieCarole KelsallJohn 
Will MellorNigel MatthewsJohn LambieWill 
Mike SandlerRos PimlottNigel MatthewsMargaret 
Andrew ThomsonBrian RustRos PimlottBrian 
Mike SandlerBrian RustCarol 
Sinclair (C)
Andrew ThomsonCarol SinclairAngharrad 
Angharrad WaltersAndrew Thomson (C)
Liz WebbAngharrad Walters
Liz Webb

If there are any members, other than the above, who wish to play in any of the teams, please contact the respective captains.

Events at Pendle

There are still places in the two NWF events at Pendle next weekend as follows:
Saturday 10th October – Millennium Level Play Golf
Sunday 11th October – One day Short AC comp

The entry fees are £10 for each event. Bowdon will cover the fees for the Millenium event

NW Federation Millenium Events

1.       NWF Millennium AC Handicap competition at Pendle on 11/12 July

2.      NWF Millennium Advanced competition at Pendle on 22/23 August

3. NWF Millennium GC Handicap competition at Crake Valley on 8th August

4. NWF Millennium Short competition at Crake Valley on 29th August

Bowdon will pay for up to 2 players to enter each event.
You will need to take your own lunch but coffee and tea will be available.
In the Advanced competition, both A & B Class events will be run.
Please contact Ken Cooper if you wish to enter.

5. NWF Millennium GC Level-Play competition at Bury on 10th – 11th October.

NW Federation Team Applications

Bowdon normally enters teams in a number of the NWF Leagues. Last year we entered teams in; Advanced B-Class, Weekend Handicap (St Mary’s & Firs), Short (Bears & Cubs), Midweek Handicap (Griffins & Earls), Handicap Golf leagues.

A number of forms have been pinned up on the croquet noticeboard asking players to sign-up if they wish to play in one or more of the various NW Federation leagues in 2020. Please enter your name on the form appropriate to whichever league you want to play in; the allocation of players to any particular Bowdon side within that league will be left to the captains when they get together at the beginning of the season, much like we did for 2019. Also, if anyone fancies captaining a side then PLEASE indicate as such – we desperately need more people to take a more active role within the club rather than leaving it to others!

Bury Crusaders vs Bowdon Cubs – NWF Short Croquet League (5 October)

The last match of the season saw Bowdon Cubs take on league leaders Bury Crusaders in the NWF Short Croquet League in a winner-take-all match for the league title.

The match was drawn 8-8 meaning that Crusaders took the title despite a valiant effort from the Cubs.

The Bowdon team was:

The Crusaders team was:
Tony Phillips (0.5), Margaret Anderson (3.5), Richard Harvey (5) and Vi Ricards (6)

John Howarth
– beat Vi +1
– lost to Richard -7
– lost toTony -8
– lost to Margaret -5
Brian Storey
– beat Richard +1
– lost to Vi -13
– lost to Margaret -14
– beat Tony +6
Lorna Frost
– lost to Tony -8
– lost to Margaret -10
– lost to Vi -4
– beat Richard +3
John Lambie
– beat Margaret +4
– beat Tony +14
– beat Richard +8
– beat Vi +8

To view the current league standings visit: NWF Short League Table

Southport vs Bowdon Cubs – NWF Short Croquet League (22 September)

Bowdon Cubs lost to Southport 7-9 at Southport in the NWF Short League on Sunday, 22nd September.
The team was:

Southport team was: Gail Moors (4), Eileen Rossiter (7), Tina Kelly (9), Barbara Nodwell (10)

John H
– beat Tina +7
– lost to Barbara -4
– lost to Eileen -4
– lost to Gail -12
– beat Barbara +5
– lost to Tina -8
– lost to Gail -7
– lost to Eileen -8
– lost to Gail -10
– lost to Eileen -8
– lost to Barbara -4
– beat Tina +6
John L
– beat Eileen +7
– beat Gail +6
– beat Tina +4
– beat Barbara +4

To view the current league standings visit: NWF Short League Table

Bowdon vs Chester – NWF B-Class League (22 September)

Bowdon beat Chester 5-0 in the NWF B-Class League on Sunday 22nd September at Bowdon.
The team was:

The Chester team was: Robin Tasker (5), David Boyd (6), Brian Walton (8)

Charles & Graham beat David & Brian +7
Charles beat Robin +16Graham beat Brian +10
Will beat Robin +8Will beat David +17

To view the current league positions click here