Angharrad Walters wins MVP award at Spanish Tournament 16th Oct

Wales national team, Angharrad Walters (Captain), Ian Burridge, Arthur Rowe & Mike Parry, were beaten by Spain in the final of the GC World Team Championship in Spain.
Angharrad Walters at the end of the tournament was awarded the Most Valued Player (MVP) award.
Congratulations to Angharrad.

CA Inter-Club GC Final, Edgbaston, 25 Sep 2021

Our GC team were not able to win the final at Edgbaston against Ashby who have now won this trophy 5 times, and appeared in 11 finals. It was a magnificent effort by Bowdon to reach the final beating the holders, Nottingham, in the semi-final. This was Bowdon’s first appearance in the final and we hope to go one step further and win the event in the near future. The photo below shows the team, from left to right: Simon Jenkins, Angharrad Walters (Captain), Jack Good and Nigel Matthews. Well done team.

Captain’s Report:

In the morning session Angharrad (-3) & Jack (-3) lost the doubles to Rachel Gee (-4) & Will Gee (-4) 4-7, 3-7.  Nigel (4) lost to Tim King (-2) 5-7, 5-7.  Simon (-1) was tied at one game all with David Bell (-1) 4-7, 7-6.

In the afternoon, Tim beat Simon 7-4, 7-5 and David beat Nigel 7-4, 7-4 to give Ashby an unassailable 4-0 lead in the match.  At this stage Angharrad was level with Rachel at 6-7, 7-6 and Jack was level with Will at 7-4, 6-7.  It was agreed to leave the three tied matches unfinished in the interest of an earlier departure on the journey home.

Lionel Tibble presented the trophy to Ashby, making this the fifth time they have won the event. Only Surbiton, with 6 wins have won it more often.

Bowdon came 3rd in CA Longman Cup finals – 2/3 Oct 2021

Bowdon were narrowly beaten 3-4 in the semi-finals of the CA Longman Cup by Letchworth who went on to win the final 4-3 against Hurlingham at Surbiton. But won the 3rd place trophy on Sunday.

On Saturday Bowdon went 3-1 up against Letchworth before the other 3 games had to be paused because of the heavy rain in the afternoon flooded the lawns. On Sunday the weather was much drier and we were able to resume the games albeit on fairly sodden lawns. Unfortunately after closely fought games, Letchworth won the remaining games.

In the play-off for 3rd/4th place Bowdon managed to go 4-2 up against Harwell/Eynsham with the final game going to Golden Hoop – eventually won by Harwell/Eynsham.

The team was.

The semi-final scores against Letchworth are:

Adrian (3.5) & Mike (11) beat David Matthews (3.5) & Colin Davies (7) +13
Nigel (3.5) beat John Noble (4.5) +24Barry (9) beat David Clancy (14) +7
Adrian lost to John -2Nigel lost to David M -21
Barry lost to Colin -2Mike lost to David C -12

In the play-off for 3rd/4th against Harwell/Eynsham

Adrian & Mike beat Hugh Manson (6) & Nick Goodwin (14) +5
Nigel lost to Noel Harris (8) -1Barry beat David Spicer (4.5) +6
Adrian beat David +3Nigel lost to Hugh -25
Barry lost to Noel -1Mike beat Nick +22

Bowdon lose to Nottingham in CA Mary Rose semi-final – 29 Sep 2021

Our Mary Rose team lost to a strong Nottingham team 1-6 in the semi-final on Wednesday 29th September. Our opponents got revenge for the 2019 final when Bowdon beat them.

The team was:

Will (2.5) & Mike (2) lost to Ian Draper (0.5) & Dave Gunn (0.5) -24
Nigel (3.5) lost to Alex McIntyre (1.5) -9Adrian (3.5) beat Mike Hedge (1.5) +7
Will lost to Ian -26Mike lost to Dave -5
Nigel lost to Mike -2Adrian lost to Alex -17

Bowdon in Inter-Club GC Championship Final – 25 Sep 2021

Bowdon’s GC team will round off a great season by appearing in the final of the CA Inter-Club GC Championship. This will be played against Ashby on Saturday 25th September at Edgbaston. We congratulate them on having reached the final and wish them the very best of luck and skill.

Jack Good runner-up in Ascot Cup, 19 Sep 2021

In the English National GC Singles Championship (the Ascot Cup) Jack made it through his group in second place. 2 of 4 players from each of 4 groups went through to the knock-out stage. Jack beat Rachel Gee 5 – 7, 7 – 4, 7 – 6 in the quarter final, and then beat Aston Wade 7 – 5, 7 – 6 in the semi-final. Jack did very well against the hugely experienced Stephen Mulliner in the final. Stephen won both games 7 – 1 and 7 – 4. Well done Jack.

Bury/Bowdon win Inter-Club Short Tournament, 19th September

A successful day with all concerned happy with the lawns, the catering and the way the competition was ably managed by Alan Mayne.
A close competition between Nottingham and Bury/Bowdon with both teams level after 3 wins in the last round but Nottingham failed to win any further games.
The Bowdon/Bury, with Nan Saul representing Bowdon, were presented with the trophy by Robin Tasker.

Final scores:
1st. Bowdon/Bury 19pts.
2nd. Nottingham 13pts.
3rd. York 10pts.

CA Inter Club AC Competition, 12th September

Bowdon faced Bristol in the semi-final of the Inter Club competition on Sunday 12th September at Cheltenham. Despite best efforts by all Bowdon team members Bristol emerged as winners, 4 – 2, with one game unfinished. It was a great achievement to get to the semi-final and all should be congratulated. The team was Angharrad Walters (Captain) -2, Brian Storey -1, Ken Cooper -1 and Brian Kerr 2. Bristol’s team was David Goacher -2, Richard M Smith -2, Ed Duckworth -1.5 and Dave Kibble -1.5.

Game scores: Brian Storey (26TP) beat Richard M Smith (23); Ken Cooper (4) lost to Ed Duckworth (26TP); Brian Kerr (0) lost to Dave Kibble (26TP); Ken Cooper (26) beat Dave Kibble (21); Angharrad Walters and Brian Storey (3) lost to David Goacher and Richard M Smith (26); and Brian Kerr (18) lost to Ed Duckworth (26TP).

Captain’s report: In the semi-final held at Cheltenham, Bristol took a 2-1 lead into lunch, with only Bowdon’s Ken Cooper being able to halt the Bristol tide. Ken capitalised on an error by Dave Kibble, who retrieved his partner ball (rather than the striker’s ball) after a long rush and only realised his mistake when removing the clip from 4back, on what would probably have been a finishing turn. In the afternoon, Dave rapidly despatched Brian Kerr and Ed Duckworth beat Ken sealing the match win. Brian Storey completed his comeback win with a TP after Richard Smith came to grief with his straight rover peel. At which point the finely balanced Goacher / Walters game was abandoned to allow the homeward journeys to commence before the traffic worsened.

North of England Video of Final Game 30 Aug 2021

The third and final game in the North of England Tournament between David Maugham and Mark Suter is available on Mike Steer’s Videos. The video is about 90 minutes long but you can fast forward to David’s final turn where he does a 12 hoop break and  a triple peel to win the tournament.

Mike Steer’s Videos can be accessed from the link on ‘About Us’, ‘Contacts’ then Links page of the website or can be accessed directly by following this link

Mary Rose – Bowdon vs Pendle

Bowden had a resounding victory, 6-1, against Pendle in the Mary Rose Quarter Final held at Bowdon on Monday 6th September.

Bowdon travel to Nottingham for the Semi Final, to be played by 27th September.

The Bowdon team:

Brian & Mike beatRobert Essler (0) & Liz Wilson (2.5) +9
Will beatAndrew Webb (4.5)+24
Nigel beatPeter Wilson (3)+12
Brian beatLiz+20
Mike lost toRob-23
Will beatPeter+9
Nigel beatAndrew+18