Tea Rota

Saturday Teas

For our newer members, the custom at Bowdon is to meet for an informal tea on Saturdays during the summer season.

If you come to play a game (or even if not), then at 4pm the bell will be rung and members will be able to go in to the clubhouse for a cup of tea, sit round the big table and chat to who ever else is there, whilst partaking of afternoon tea provided by fellow members.|

If you have had a particularly good win then it would be extremely generous to buy your opponent tea (to cheer them up) but otherwise each member pays £2. 

The teas don’t appear by magic of course but are upheld as a Bowdon tradition, as a way of meeting other members away from the lawns, to socialise. They are appreciated by non playing members too.

A sandwich, scone and cake, shop bought or home made (if you still have your baking tins), are the usual fare plus as many cups of tea as you like. It is not a British Bake off competition and we are all aware of the need to watch our sugar, fat and carbs in-take so there is absolutely no need for elaborate decoration!

Be prepared to spend around £25. You are donating your time which is much appreciated so you should recompense yourself for your costs from the takings. There are difficulties with the system but not everything can be tightly organised and the main problem which volunteers face is that they never know how many people will turn up. Numbers can vary from up to a dozen to two dozen but rarely more.  If only a few turn up it is absolutely no reflection on your cakes!  We need to be prepared to freeze food that is left and also have some extras in case a coach arrives!

So please will you volunteer for one of the Saturdays on the rota, which is on the notice board. There is a copy here as well. Please bear in mind that the form on the notice board will be more up to date than this one.

Thank you!