One-Ball Finals From Last Year’s Competition

The One Ball final between Nigel Matthews and Mike Flannery took place on Tuesday 3 November, in a best of three final Nigel won 2 games to 1.

Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Mike Flannery (14)
VsMike Flannery (14)
Monica Young (22)
VsMike Flannery (14)
John Howarth (10)
VsDiana Jerman (24)
Diana Jerman (24)
VsNigel Matthews (11)
Charles Fraser (18)
VsCas Sinclair (14)
Cas Sinclair (14)
VsNigel Matthews (11)
George Kistruck (20)
VsNigel Matthews (11)
Nigel Matthews (11)

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‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 16

29 members turned up for the last week of the competition, which this week had joint winners: Bryan Goude and Carol Steinberg, with Diana Jerman in a close third place.

1st – Carol Steinberg and Bryan Goude – 95 pts
3rd – Diana Jerman – 93 pts

Next week sees the knock out competition take place between the top 8 places in the table. Sadly, Nigel Matthews, who is in second place in the table, is unable to play next week. Nigel’s place in the knockout is taken by Richard Green, who jumps up 12 places to 9 in the overall leaderboard.
The first round matches are as follows:

1 – Mike Flannery (14)vs8 – Richard Green (16)
4 – Diana Jerman (24)vs5 – Cas Sinclair (14)
3- John Haworth (10)vs6 – George Kistruck (20)
2 – Charles Fraser (18)vs7 – Monica Young (22)

There will still be the opportunity for members outside the top 8, to have a final game of One Ball next Wednesday. Games will take place but scores will not be counted towards the final table.

TOP 10
(Please note table is showing top 8 scores)

1Mike Flannery726=
2Nigel Matthews685=
3Charles Fraser667=
4John  Haworth665=
5Diana Jerman648+4
6Cas Sinclair644=
7George Kistruck637-2
8Monica Young634-1
9Richard Green629+12
10Pauline Hennell621-2

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 15

34 Members turned up on a lovely spring day. Richard Green won his first Wednesday one ball of the season. Mike Flannery and Steve Reynolds coming second and third.

Nigel was the biggest mover on the leader board, gaining 6 places, having now completed 8 games. Mike Flannery remains top of the leader board.

1st – Richard Green 98 pts
2nd – Mike Flannery 94 pts
3rd – Steve Reynolds 91 pts

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 14

24 Members turned up on the last Wednesday competition in February, following the cancellation last week due to waterlogged lawns. Charles Fraser won his first Wednesday one ball, following a couple of second places. Andrew Thomson and Pauline Hennell coming second and third.

No major changes to the leader board this week, Mike Flannery still in the lead.

1st – Charles Fraser 93 pts
2nd – Andrew Thomson 89 pts
3rd – Pauline Hennell 88 pts

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 13

On a cold and wet Wednesday, 24 members turned up to play. Mike Shelmerdine won this week, finishing his last game with a magnificent 8 hoop break. John Howarth and John Lambie a close second and third.

Mike Flannery moves to the top of the table, with John Howarth and Cas Sinclair continuing their climb up the leaderboard. Nigel is the only player in the top ten that has yet to post his 8th score!

1st – Mike Shelmerdine 97 pts
2nd – John Howarth 96 pts
3rd – John Lambie 94 pts

TOP 10
(Please note table is showing top 8 scores)

1 Mike Flannery705+3
2 John  Haworth665+1
3 Charles Fraser638-2
4 George Kistruck637-2
5 Peter Mayne613=
6 Cas Sinclair610+5
7=Nigel Matthews601-1
7=Pauline Hennell601-1
9 Fred Owen596+1
10 Monica Young594-2

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 12

31 Players turned up on a sunny but at times chilly day. Nigel Matthews won, his second time this season. With Tim McCoy and Mike Flannery in joint second place.

In the overall table Charles Fraser moves to the top, with large jumps up the table for Leo, Monica, Nigel and Mike.

1st Nigel Matthews – 98 points
2nd = Tim McCoy – 92 points
2nd = Mike Flannery – 92 points

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 11

32 Players turned up on a lovely January day. Mike Flannery won for the third time this season, closely followed by Charles Fraser; second two weeks running and Cas Sinclair in a close third.

In the overall table Charles enters the top 10 rising 11 places, Cas Sinclair and John Howarth continuing their climb up the table.

1st Mike Flannery – 96 points
2nd Charles Fraser – 94 points
3rd Cas Sinclair – 92 points

The full table is: here