John Saxby Competition – Week 8

Geoffrey Hunt

Geoffrey Hunt wins week 8 of the John Saxby Wednesday competition. As this is week 8 the table shown in the link below will now start to show the top 8 scores. Currently Fiona Whittaker is top of the league.

1st Geoffrey Hunt 90 pts
2nd Cas Sinclair 85 pts
3rd Lorna Frost 84 pts

The full table can be found here

John Saxby Competition – Week 5

Fiona Whittaker

Fiona Whittaker won Week 5 of the Wednesday John Saxby Competition, by some distance over Sue and Nigel in 2nd and 3rd.

1stFiona Whittaker90 pts
2ndSue Cooper68 pts
3rd Nigel Matthews65 pts

The full table can be found here

Wednesday Comp 8th Sept – Winner Kay Martin

A second trial competition was held on 8th Sept with 18 members taking part on a very hot day. The competition was completed by 2.15pm in plenty of time for the lawns to be available for play during the rest of the day.
The overall winner was Kay Martin. Congratulations Kay.