Suggestions Book

As part of the initiative to provide feedback from club members, a Suggestions Book is now available in the clubhouse.

Members are encouraged to use this book to put forward suggestions to improve the organisation, facilities, competitions, and general management of the club. Please date and sign your suggestions which can then be considered by other members and by the management committee.

Lawn Maintenance -Update 10th October

The maintenance work on the lawns, which restricted use of them, is now completed.
Consequently all lawns will now be available from Monday 14th October.

The remaining ‘John Saxby’ Wednesday competitions will no longer be restricted to 20 members.

Solomon Grundy competition will also be back to 16 players – please sign on the list in the clubhouse if you wish to play.

Website Update

After 4 months of the new website, we are making a few changes to the structure of the pages and the news items to try to make it easier to use the website.
The main changes are to the posts of the various competitions.
The changes are:
1) The Wednesday Competitions will now be shown as a subset of the Competitions page rather than part of the General News page. And the top 10 places in the table will only be shown on the latest competition
2) NWF League games will also be shown as subset of the Competition page, as will the CA Competitions.
3) The Tea Rota will be moved to the About Us page. Although the rota will not be used until next summer season. It will mean that members do not need to be registered to see it.

These changes will take place over the next few days. So apologies if some of the information is not quite where you expect it.

Opening Times from 30 September

The Lawns will be open for play from 11 am beginning on 30th September with the exception of the John Saxby Wednesday competition which will continue to start at 10 am. The final John Saxby Wednesday competition will be 30th October but only scores up to 23rd October will count to the final table.
Monday Short competitions and Solomon Grundy competitions will now start at 11am.
The Winter 1-ball competition which begins on 6th November will start at 11 am.

Eddie Bell

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Eddie Bell.

Eddie was a member at Bowdon from 1978 to 2012. He played a leading role in the renaissance of the club in late 70’s and early 80’s by providing coaching to new players as the club expanded its membership.  He achieved a handicap of -1 and was selected to play in the Chairman’s Salver.
He was a Championship Referee and Examining Referee.
In 1978 he won the Handicap Doubles with Mrs. E Morton and the following year won the club Open (A) Class Singles.
In 1986 he played in the World Championship at Hurlingham and the same year won the Northern week Open Doubles with Mrs. Pat Hague.

The funeral is to be held at Charnock Richard Crematorium at 2.30 on Wednesday 28 August.

Beginners Play One-Ball Croquet

On Thursday afternoons beginners have the opportunity to play one-ball games and get coaching from club members. This Thursday, a good time was had by all on a sunny day with the lawns in very good condition. Adrian was helping Sara learn the positional aspects of play.

Sue [right] and beginner Heather were discussing the game that they had just completed.