North of England Championship (23-26 August) – A Preview by Brian Storey

So, do you remember these?
– Sandy was being seduced by Danny;
– ABBA were taking a chance;
– Boney M were trying to cross the Rivers of Babylon

Well, all were hits in 1978.

It was also the year that club member Chris Hudson started making plans to resurrect the defunct Association Croquet Championship of the North of England.  Although it was inaugurated in 1903 in Alderley Edge CC then later moved to Buxton CC, it had lain dormant since 1956 as interest in the sport had waned at that time. 

Plans were made and with a lot of club effort, in particular from Barry Keen, who became the director and motivator, the club hosted the renewed event in 1979. 

With two world war breaks and that hiatus, the 2019 event is the 85th Championship and the 41st as a Bowdon fixture.  Classed as a CA Grade 1 Championship, over the years it has always attracted top International players from around the world and this year is no different. 

Historically, seven players have won the event more than once including the demon lady player D. D. Steel (5 wins), David Openshaw (6 wins), Mark Avery (2 wins), past Club President Colin Irwin (4 wins), Robert Fulford (4 wins), Keith Aiton (2 wins) and home grown David Maugham (12 wins) and three of those are currently entered to play this year.  Overall we have 5 previous winners in the entry. 

This year probably has the strongest ever entry with 17 of the 19 entries being minus players, including 8 from the worlds top 50 players.

However, for those about to place a bet – a warning.  Whilst it will be hard to look beyond the top four seeds for an eventual winner, such is this strength in depth of the entry that it is entirely possible for a so called “wildcard” to take top honours.  Like all sports, the top players will still have to play well to overcome “lower ranked opposition”.

So, the stage and hoops are set, the lawns cut and the kettle on. What more can you want apart from sunshine to make an enjoyable Bank Holiday week-end of top class croquet.

The following five Bowdon members are taking part:

We wish them well
Brian Storey

Bowdon vs Newport – CA Mary Rose Quarter Final (19 August)

Bowdon beat Newport 5.5 – 1.5 in the quarter final of the CA Mary Rose competition at the neutral ground at Edgbaston on Monday 19 August. The Bowdon team was:

Newport team was: James Brind (1.5), Andrew Gregory (2), Dan Neale (2), Chris van Essen (5)

Alan & Martin beatJames & Andrew +5
– beat Chris +23
– beat Dan +7
– lost to Dan -24
– beat Chris +23
Alan beat James +26Martin & Andrew agreed a draw

Bowdon Earls vs Bury – NWF Midweek Handicap (16 August)

Bowdon Earls were beaten 3-4 at home to Bury on Friday 16 August. The Bowdon team:

The Bury team:

Roger Schofield (2.5), Tony Philips (4.5), Richard Harvey (14), Harry Anderson (18)

Doubles: John & Keith lost toTony & Richard -5
Mike lost to Harry -1TAndrew beat Roger +2T
John lost to Roger -4Andrew beat Richard +1
Mike beat Tony +14Keith lost to Harry -12

To view the current league standings visit: NWF Midweek Handicap League Table

East Dorset Midweek Handicap Tournament – (13-15 August)

Winner: Tim Dennis (ex Bowdon club member) receiving his trophy

4 Bowdon members took part in the East Dorset Midweek Handicap Tournament (Alan Mayne & Kay Martin, Ken & Sue Cooper).
It was won by ex-club member Tim Dennis.
Alan was unbeaten but left early on the last day to drive home and did not qualify.

Bowdon Griffins vs Pendle & Craven – NWF Midweek Handicap (15 August)

Bowdon Griffins lost to Pendle & Craven 3-4. The Bowdon team was:

The Pendle & Craven team:
Robert Essler (1), Paul Dowdall (7), Catherine Parnell (8), Robin Delves (12)

Lorna & Chris lost toCatherine & Robin -1T
– beat Paul +1T
– lost to Robert -3
– beat Robert +8
– beat Robin +19
Lorna lost to Catherine -7Chris lost to Paul -13

To view the current league standings visit: NWF Midweek Handicap League Table

Bowdon Firs vs Chester – NWF Handicap League (11 August)

Bowdon Firs were beaten by 4-3 at home by Chester on Sunday 11 August. The Bowdon team:

The Chester team:
Robin Tasker (6), David Boyd (6), Paul Watson (8), Brian Walton (9)

Steve & Lorna beatDavid & Paul +16.
– lost to Brian -23
– lost to Robin -23
– beat Robin +1T
– lost to Brian -2
– lost to David -17
beat Paul +1T

To view the current league standings visit: NWF Weekend Handicap League Table

Bury North vs Bowdon – NWF Golf Handicap (10 August)

Bowdon drew 5 – 5 away at Bury North on Saturday 10 August. The match was abandoned due to rain, but as they had played 10 matches, the score stands as far as the league is concerned. The Bowdon team:

Bowdon won both doubles matches
Barry won 1 out of 2 matches
Margaret and Carole lost both their matches
Jack continued his good form winning 2 out of 2

To view the current league standings visit: NWF Golf League Table