Inter Club Short Croquet Competition (1 August)

Bowdon played Penrith at Penrith & North Lakes Croquet Club in the CA Short Inter-club semi-final competition on 1st August. In spite of the heavy rain the day before, the lawns were in good shape and the weather was perfect croquet weather – warm but not boiling, sunny spells and a very brief spit of rain!

Bowdon lost the doubles before lunch but won the 2 singles games. Lunch was a veritable feast provided by Penrith (for which, many thanks) and the afternoon ended up with Bowdon winning 5 of the 8 singles, ending up with an overall win for Bowdon 7-4.

Well done to Jack Good, aged 13, for winning all his matches.

Bowdon will play either Bury or Kington Langley in the final on 15 September at York.

The Bowdon team:

The Penrith Team:
John Henderson (3.5), Ted Thwaites (9), Ian Ward (9), John Perkins (9).

Doubles: Louise & George lost toJohn (H) & John (P) 11-12.
– beat Ted 14-10
– beat John (P) 14-3
– beat Ian 14-8
– beat Ian 14-6
– beat John (H) 11-10
– lost to Ted 4-14
– beat Ted 14-9
– beat John (H) 10-5
– lost to Ian 6-14
– lost to John (P) 13-14

York Open Short Lawn Tournament (21-22 September)

York are hosting a short lawn 14-point AC handicap tournament, nine or ten games guaranteed over two days.  Applications are welcome from players of all abilities, including those with higher handicaps.  This is one of the few short croquet AC tournaments in the Croquet Association fixtures book and each year has proved to be a very enjoyable weekend, appreciated both by experienced players and by those entering their first tournament.

If you are interested in taking part please send a completed form to
John Harris
York Croquet Club
Tel: 01904 620 211

13th GC World Championship (26 July – 4 August)

To be held at 4 croquet clubs on south coast of England: Sussex County CC, Compton CC, Tunbridge Wells CC & West Worthing CC; it is the first time the championship has been played in England for 8 years.

Bowdon club member John-Paul Moberly will be challenging the world’s best GC players for the world title, currently held by Reg Bamford of South Afria.

JP Moberly

The Championship is a best of three 13-point game block play involving 8 blocks of 10 players, followed by a knockout involving the top 4 players from each block (with play-offs for qualification if required). Play-offs to determine progression to the knock-out stage will be arranged between contestants who finish the block stage on the same number of match wins. All matches in the knockout will be best of three, except that the quarter-finals onwards will be best of five if time permits.

Players who do not qualify for the knockout stage of the Championship will proceed to the Plate event. This will be played as multiple blocks of all-play-all, single or double 13-point games, leading to an 8-player best of three knockout. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

Players who are first round losers in the knockout stage of the Championship will proceed to the Bowl event. This event will be played as a best of three 13-point game knockout. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

The Shield event will be a best of three 13-point game knockout for those losing in the second round of the Championship. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

We wish John-Paul the very best of luck!

For more details: 2019 GC World Championship

Nottingham Golf Croquet ‘C’ Class (11 July)

Jack entered his 1st ever tournament last Thursday. With 10 players competing there were 2 cross-blocks  and Jack won his first 4 games so guaranteed a place in the semi’s. His only ‘loss’ being a 6-6 draw, when his opponent ran hoop 12, called the score 7-4 and walked off!

In the semi’s, Jack set off to play one of the ‘hot favourites’ – Glynis Davies (6) but was called back when a misreported score was spotted, which turned her group on its head. Once everything was re-calculated Jack, now using clips (the only player to do so all day)  got a comfortable 7-3 win against Simon Draper (7) which saw him into the final.

Jack Good

With the other ‘hot favourite’ David Brame (5) already one of Jack’s victims missing the cut, it was Andy Cruickshank (11) who Jack had also beaten, who took a 4-1 lead.  This clearly did not phase Jack as he rattled off the next 6 hoops, 4 with jump shots to seal his 1st win. His handicap fell to 10!

Well done Jack!

Nottingham Ascot Qualifier (13-14 July)

Bowdon had 3 entries (more than other visiting club) with JP Moberly (-5), Graham Good (-1) and most surprisingly Jack Good (10) – who was filling in for a last minute withdrawal.

With 2 blocks of 10, so 9 games to play, some slow games saw only 7 get played on the Saturday. Thankfully the Bowdon players were blameless in this respect. Jack almost had the surprise result of the 1st round when he had a shot to win against Tim King (-3) at the golden hoop, unfortunately he missed but that left Graham, who beat Rachel (-4) with the ‘shock’ result award!

Meanwhile JP stormed thru’ his 1st 4 games only to hit the wall against Richard Bilton but it was his only hiccough in a 8/9 qualifying record. Graham had a mixed 4/9, beating some higher ranked players but losing to some lower ranked players. Although Jack didn’t win a game he scored well in most.

With 2 games to play on Sunday the semi’s didn’t start until after lunch. JP played Rachel and won well in 2 straight games. Meanwhile Will Gee took 3 games to get past Richard Bilton. The final saw JP storm into a 1-0 lead, only for Will to reply. The sheer brilliance of the play was stunning, both players striking the ball with immense power and accuracy. In the final game JP was able to secure the 7-3, 2-7, 7-3 win. A worthy victor but with a bit more lawn time Will can only clinb back up the rankings.

Meanwhile Jack was obviously miffed at missing out on the unexpected result award so he beat a -3 and was delighted when his handicap was cut to 5.

Follow this link to the CA website for more information on JP’s victory.
JP Moberly winning the 8th Nottingham GC Championship

Bowdon vs Pinchbeck – ‘Mary Rose’ (1 July)

Bowdon beat Pinchbeck 4-3 in a closely fought match at Nottingham. The Bowdon team was:

The Pinchbeck team were:
Bob Thompson (1.5), Charles Ostler (2), Paul Heatherington (3), John Filsak (3)

Bowdon beat Pinchbeck 4-3 which was played at Nottingham. Pinchbeck went into the break 2-1 up after winning the doubles and one singles. However Bowdon pulled it back to 3-3 with one match left to play where Adrian Apps won his match, making it 4-3 Bowdon.

Martin & Alan lost to Bob & Charles -6
Will lost to Paul -13Adrian beat John +4
Martin beat Charles +19Alan lost to Bob -12
Will beat John +8Adrian beat Paul +7

Bowdon now play Newport (Essex) in the quarter final to be played by 2nd September.

Chester vs Bowdon – CA Inter – Club – Longman Cup (7 June)

Bowdon lost 0-7 at Chester in the second round of the Longman Cup

The Chester Team were:
David Boyd (5), David Guyton (6), James Thomas (14), Sally Slater (20)

David (H) lost to David (B) -10Andrew lost to David (G) -10
Mike lost to James -14Barry lost to Sally -10
Doubles: Mike and Barry lost toDavid and Sally -19
Andrew lost to James -26David (H) lost to David (G) -5

The singles were played first in the morning, due to the weather forecast, predicting heavy rain later in the afternoon. The rain did come and it was heavy, very heavy!

So Bowdon lost, we got absolutely soaked and went home with our tails between our legs. Other than that we had a great time!

A.C. Inter-County Championship – 25/28 May

Sussex County & Compton (Eastbourne) Croquet Clubs
Nottinghamshire come 1st, Surrey 2nd, Cheshire finish 5th and Glamorgan are promoted from Division 2 as champions. Further details of scores can be found here

Bowdon were presented at the Inter-County Championship by the following members: