Mary Rose – Bowdon vs Pendle

Bowden had a resounding victory, 6-1, against Pendle in the Mary Rose Quarter Final held at Bowdon on Monday 6th September.

Bowdon travel to Nottingham for the Semi Final, to be played by 27th September.

The Bowdon team:

Brian & Mike beatRobert Essler (0) & Liz Wilson (2.5) +9
Will beatAndrew Webb (4.5)+24
Nigel beatPeter Wilson (3)+12
Brian beatLiz+20
Mike lost toRob-23
Will beatPeter+9
Nigel beatAndrew+18

North of England Championship (Photos) – 28-30 August

Heres some pictures of the payers taking part in the recent North of England Championship.

Click here for a review of the tournament.

NWF Weekend Short – Bowdon vs Chester – 5th Sept

Bowdon played Chester at home, but were well beaten, 3-13 in the NWF weekend short league.

The Bowdon team was

The Chester Team: Robin Tasker (.5), David Boyd (.5), Jayne Taylor (6) and Derek Bell Jones (3.5)

Cas lost to Derek, Jayne, David and Robin
Louise beat Robin and David and lost to Jayne and Derek
Margaret beat David and lost to Robin, Jayne and Derek
George lost to David, Robin, Derek and Jayne

The Return of Saturday Tea – 11 September

On Saturday 11th September there will be a Saturday tea in memory of John Wilkinson.

At which time the new Bowdon Croquet Club flag, which was gifted by John’s family, will be raised.

Do come along and raise a cup (or glass) of something to John.

Usual time of 4 pm, £2 per head.

NWF GC Handicap – Bowdon lost Llanfairfechan 6.5 to 11.5 on 19th August

Bowdon lost to Llanfairfechan in the GC Handicap league match 6-11 with 1 game drawn on Thursday 19th August.

The Bowdon team was:

Margaret Moss (Capt), Fred Owen, Carole Kelsall & Diana Jerman

Fred (9) & Diana (12) lost to Rich Harding (-2) & Peter Hughes (11) 5-6Margaret (12) & Carole (12) beat Rod Bowden (10) & Liz Jordan (10) 7-2
– beat Peter 7-2
– beat Liz 7-5
– drew with Peter 6-6
– beat Rod 7-2
– lost to Rich 2-7
– lost to Rod 5-7
– lost to Peter 2-7
– lost to Liz 1-7
– lost to Liz 3-5
– lost to Peter 3-7
– beat Rod 7-3
– lost to Rich 4-6
– beat Rod 7-3
– lost to Rich 1-7
– lost to Liz 4-7
– lost to Peter 5-7

Trial Wednesday Competition – 25 August

The club is trialing the return of the Wednesday competition, on 25th August. If you would like to play there will be a list for members to sign on the club notice board from Monday 17 August.

Players to be divided into two groups – each to play 2 Sessions; one game of Short Croquet and one game of either 14 or 18 pt Croquet.

The draw will take place at 9.45 am with play commencing at 10:00, finishing at 14:15.

Short croquet – 1 hour 30 min
14/18 pt croquet – 2 hours

Those playing short croquet in the first session will lunch between 11.30 – 12.15
Those playing 14/18 pt croquet in the first session will lunch between 12.00 – 12.45

Second sessions will start at
12.15 for 14/18 pt croquet
12.45 for short croquet

Normal Wednesday scoring system – 20 pts + winning difference.
Hoops scored for losers.
Games do not go on the card unless agreed by both players.

Mars Bar for winner!

NWF Weekend Handicap – Bowdon vs Chester – 8th August

Bowdon hosted Chester in the NWF Weekend Handicap on Sunday 8th August. Chester won 4 – 2 with the doubles unfinished.

In the morning David Cotton beat their lowest handicap, Robin Tasker. But in the afternoon he could not cope with the 13 bisques of their highest handicap. In the afternoon Liz also beat Robin Tasker. Unfortunately, Charles Fraser and David Holland failed to register a win

The Bowdon team was:

CA Inter-Club; Bowdon vs Nottingham 8th August

Bowdon beat Nottingham 4-3, in the CA Inter-Club on Sunday 8th August. Bowdon now play Bristol in the semi final.

The Bowdon team was

Angharrad Walters lost to James Death3-26TP
John-Paul Moberly beat Richard Huxley26TP-9
Simon Jenkins beat Ian Vincent26-2
Brian Storey lost to E John Davis15-26
Angharrad Walters / J-P Moberly lost to James Death / Richard Huxley0-26TP(ASD)
Simon Jenkins beat E John Davis26-19
Brian Storey beat Ian Vincent26-1