Bowdon Short Croquet Tournament, 24th – 25th July

It is that happy time of year when exponents of Short Croquet gather at Bowdon for 2 days of fun. It takes place on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of July. Most competitors are Bowdon members, with a sprinkling of very welcome guests from other clubs in the North. Below is a list of the players, which may alter slightly on the day/s. Players’ details given are their names in bold, number of Short Lawn Handicap (if known) and club.

Garth Aspinall 10 Bowdon, David Beddy 6 Bowdon, Roger Brooks 3 Peels Westmorland, Sarah Clements 9 Chester, Libby Dixon 3 Pendle, Lorna Frost 3 Bowdon, Andrew Gould 6 Pendle, Charles Harding 2 Peels Bowdon, Andy Jackson 3.5 Bowdon, Sue Longcroft 3.5 York, Kay Martin 2 Bowdon, Nigel Matthews 3 Peels Bowdon, Alan Mayne 2 Peels Bowdon, Brian Medley 2 Peels Bowdon, Roger Schofield 0.5 Bury, Carol Sinclair 5 Bowdon, Sylvia Steer 2.5 Bowdon, Mike Steer 2.5 Bowdon, Carol Steinberg 5 Bowdon, Brian Storey 2 Peels Bowdon, Rob Tillyard 10 Bowdon, Liz Webb 2.5 Bowdon, Andy Wilson-Chalon 6, Chester

Bowdon players in CqE win over CAI in Vera McWeeney Trophy, 20th – 21st July, at Carrickmines.

Nigel Matthews and Brian Medley were team members playing for Croquet England against the Croquet Association of Ireland in the Vera McWeeney Trophy, Saturday and Sunday 20th 21st July. Below are the game scores, as taken from the Croquet Scores website. Croquet England won the Trophy by 14 games to 10. Nigel played well to win 1 of his 3 singles, and both of his doubles games with partner Alex Lake. In one of the doubles games Nigel completed a triple peel. Brian also had a good time, winning 2 of his 3 singles, with one triple peel, and won both doubles games with partner Deborah Marcus. Well done Croquet England team, and well done Nigel and Brian.

Sandy Greig22-21Brian Medley
Nathaniel Healy23-26Adrian Kirby
Brian Havill4-26Nigel Matthews
Daniel Bennett26-12Deborah Marcus
Dave McGrath26-12Alex Lake
Duncan Styles3-26Paul Hetherington
Greig & Styles13-26tp(NM)Matthews & Lake
Healy & McGrath19-25Medley & Marcus
Havill & Bennett3-26Kirby & Hetherington
Sandy Greig26-2Adrian Kirby
Nathaniel Healy26-14Nigel Matthews
Brian Havill5-26Brian Medley
Daniel Bennett21-22Alex Lake
Dave McGrath8-26Paul Hetherington
Duncan Styles22-14Deborah Marcus
Greig & Styles26-1Kirby & Hetherington
Healy & McGrath21-26Matthews & Lake
Havill & Bennett11-24Medley & Marcus
Sandy Greig26tp-0Nigel Matthews
Nathaniel Healy0-26tpBrian Medley
Brian Havill13-26Adrian Kirby
Daniel Bennett12-26Paul Hetherington
Dave McGrath26-4Deborah Marcus
Duncan Styles17-15Alex Lake

Bowdon Bullets beat Llanfairfechan in CNW Short Croquet, 21st July

Bowdon Bullets won convincingly, 12 – 4, at home against Llanfairfechan on Sunday 21st July. This win has propelled the Bullets to sharing the top spot with Westmorland in the Croquet North west Short Croquet League, Bullets now have 3 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws from 6 matches. Westmorland are just ahead on games won. Congratulations should go to Captain Cas who won all 4 of her games with an overall score of 56-22. John Bagnall should also be congratulated on a very successful first League match with 3 wins from his 4 games. Well done Bullets.

The Bullets’ team was, with their handicaps:

Llanfairfechan’s team, with their handicaps, was: Fred Williams 4, Jane Turner 6, Sarah Andrew 7 and Elaine Crook 10

Game results were as follows, with the Bullets’ scores first:

Cas beat Fred 14-6, Jane 14-6, Elaine 14-5 and Sarah 14-5

Liz beat Elaine 14-3 and Jane 10-8, but lost to Sarah 8-14 and Fred 3-11

John Lambie beat Elaine 14-2, Fred 14-8 and Jane 9-8, but lost to Sarah 6-7

John Bagnall beat Jane 14-6, Fred 14-11 and Sarah 11-8, but lost to Elaine 6-11

Bowdon Griffins beat Pendle in CNW Handicap League, 19th July

Bowdon Griffins secured a great, if close, win by 4 games to 3 at Pendle, in the Croquet North West AC Handicap League on Saturday 19th July. Despite lagging behind by 1 game to 2 in the morning, a strong afternoon singles performance enabled Griffins to move to victory. The closest game was won by Mike Shelmerdine who held his nerve to beat Vincent George 23-22. Charles was well ahead in his game with Mark Kerr when Mark had to go home feeling unwell and conceded the game. This win moved Bowdon up to 4th place in the League with 2 wins from 5 matches.

The Griffins team, with their handicaps, was:

Pendle’s team was; Paul Dowdall 7, Vincent George 10, Mark Kerr 14 and Andrew Gould 16

Game results were as follows, with the Griffins’ scores first:

Dave and Ros beat Paul and Andrew 16-11

Charles beat Mark by default, and lost to Vincent 11-16

Mike beat Vincent 23-22 and lost to Mark 12-26

Dave beat Paul 26-23

Ros lost to Andrew 17-26

Bowdon Bullets host Llanfairfechan in CNW Short Croquet, 21st July

Bowdon Bullets are playing at home against Llanfairfechan on Sunday 21st July. The Bullets are currently in third place in the Croquet North west Short Croquet League, with 2 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws from 5 matches. Llanfairfechan are in fifth place with 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw from 4 matches. A win for the Bullets could put them top of the league, ahead of Westmorland and our own Blanks! It is all to play for, so the competition will be fierce, but friendly. Spectators are very welcome but should not indulge in raucous shouting or jumping about!!

The Bullets team is:

We wish them good luck and fine weather.

Bowdon members in CqE Mc Weeney Trophy, 20th-21st July

This Croquet England vs the Irish Croquet Association match is played each year to contest the McWeeney Trophy (a silver cigar box). The Ian Maugham Memorial Quaich will be presented to the man of the match, which is decided by the team captains. This year the match will be played at the Carrickmines Club over the weekend of 20th to 21st July.

We are proud that Nigel Matthews and Brian Medley have been selected for the England CqE team.

We wish them good luck and fine weather.

Bowdon Players in GC Home Internationals, 20th – 21st July

The Golf Croquet Home Internationals are being held at Nailsea on 20th and 21st of July. We are proud that 3 Bowdon Members are playing. Angharrad Walters has the honour to be Captain of the Welsh team, whilst Jack Good and Euan Burridge are representing England.

We wish them good luck and fine weather.

Bowdon Earls host Southport in the CNW 14pt League, 17th July

Bowdon Earls are playing against Southport, at Bowdon, in the Croquet North West 14pt League, on Wednesday 17th July. Currently Earls are joint bottom of the League with Fylde, after losing all 3 of their matches. Southport have won 2 out of 2, so a tough match is anticipated. Spectators are welcome to watch Earls and Southport in action.

The Earls’ team is:

We wish them good luck and fine weather.