‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 7

25 members turned out on a mild New Years Day, including 5 members entering the competition for the first time this winter. Jack Good won this week at his first attempt! Will Mellor managed a 10 hoop 2 ball break on his debut this winter.

1st Jack Good 101 pts
2nd Monica Young 96 pts
3rd Leo Fletcher 93 pts

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 6

31 members turned up for the last One-Ball of 2019. All lawns were thawed, if a little firm. We had two winners this week with George Kistruck and Diana Jerman both on 92 points.
Note that the next Wednesday One-Ball will be on New Year’s Day, weather permitting.

Joint 1st – George Kistruck & Diana Jerman 92pts
3rd – John Haworth. 85pts

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 5

26 Members turned up to play on a cool but dry morning. So, again, everybody got a big letter. All four lawns were fit for play and
Liz Webb won with a massive 104 points.

1st Liz Webb. 104 pts.
2nd Nigel Matthews. 95 pts.
3rd Charles Fraser. 92 pts.

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 4

26 Members turned up to play on a cold and frostyish morning. So everybody got a big letter. But unfortunately only two lawns were fit for play. However, everyone played 3 games and was given an average 17 points for the fourth. Patrick took the honours this week.

1st Patrick Cheyne 88 pts
2nd Mike Shelmerdine 86 pts
3rd Pauline Hennell 76 pts

The full table is: here

‘Winter’ Wednesday Competition – Week 3

24 members turned out for week three of the winter 1-ball on a damp November morning. Nigel Matthews won this week but it was close and came down to the last game of the day!

1st Nigel Matthews, 92 pts
2nd Mike Flannery, 89 pts
3rd Bryan Goude, 87 pts

The full table is: here

Poppy Roquet – UPDATED

This event was held after the Wednesday competition on the 6th November and again on Saturday the 9th November after the AGM.

The Poppy Roquet Trophy

The Poppy Roquet competition raised £325.50 for the British Legion.

After both events 2 players (Carol Steinberg & Glenys Lambie) scored 10 roquets out of 16 attempts at targets 5, 10, 15 & 20 metres away.

The Past Champions winner was Pauline Hennell.

The trophy will be awarded to the person scoring the most ”Roquets” from 16 shots. (4 at 5 metres, 4 at 10 metres, 4 at 15 metres and 4 at 20 metres.)

Each attempt should be supported by a donation (recommended – £5 or whatever is appropriate) towards the Poppy Day appeal. Each participant may have more than one attempt (provided each attempt is supported by a donation).

Past winners are eligible for an attempt but may not win the trophy.