Summer Internal Competitions

The summer knockout competitions are now open for registration. Click on the ‘lawns’ box and select ‘Competitions’ then register as normal.
The fees are as last year – £2.50 per competition with maximum of £10.
Members can enter their own class and the one above their handicap ie. a D class player can enter the C class competition.

Handicap Card Checks

Croquet England have sent out a reminder that all members’ handicap cards, for AC, GC and Short, need to be signed off by a club handicapper before the start of the season on 1st April. This is a requirement for playing in tournaments and matches against other clubs, and also needed for the Bowdon summer club competitions.

Please could you ensure your cards are checked and signed off. Either ask a club handicapper when you see them or, leave your cards in the box on the bar.

If you need any help on how to fill in your cards, the club handicappers can help.

Thank you

The club handicappers are:-
Alan Mayne
Angharrad Walters
Barry Keen
Brian Storey
Colin Irwin
Ken Cooper
Lorna Frost
Nigel Matthews

Taster Sessions

Please forward the notification of these Taster Sessions to your local WhatsApp groups of any friends or family you think may be interested in playing croquet.

We are running two lots of Taster Sessions in April 2024 for anyone who would like to try out the game of croquet and hopefully decide to join the club as new members.

For £20 per person you will get two 3.5 hour sessions run by qualified coaches covering the basic skills of the game. You get full use of the equipment and facilities and free tea and coffee. The first session covers the basic skills and the second session covers the rules and strategy of the game.

The weekend sessions will be on Sunday 7th April at 9.45am to 1.15pm and Sunday 14th April at 9.45am to 1.15pm. The midweek sessions will be on Wednesday 10th April at 9.45am to 1.15pm and Wednesday 17th April at 9.45am to 1.15pm

The syllabus of the sessions can be accessed from our website under the ‘Taking Part’ page. The link is:

Bowdon is one of the oldest clubs in the country (we celebrated our 150 years anniversary last year) and has one of the best sets of lawns in the NorthWest.  Croquet is an enjoyable, sociable game that can be played by people of any age and of either sex. We have members who just enjoy a social game  and also top quality International who enjoy the competitive challenge.

To find out more and to register for the sessions please email the club at

Golf Croquet Sessions

Following the success of the golf croquet practice sessions so far, in addition to the ones in November (see below), there will be more sessions in December:
11-12.30 Saturday 9th
11-2.15 Friday 15th
11-2.15 Wednesday 20th.

All are welcome to come and improve our play, or to learn this enjoyable form of croquet. Book on the website.

Golf Croquet is a sociable game. Players go around the lawn together, taking it in turn to play one stroke. There is no sitting out, which makes it a good winter game. Games last around 45 minutes to an hour. They give plenty of practice at scoring hoops and hitting other balls, but the strategy is different from that of Association Croquet.  There is no roquet and croquet.

We are planning some sessions of Golf Croquet, where those new to the game can learn, and others can improve our play. Some experienced players have offered to act as tutors when they can.

Would you like to join us?

So as not to exclude anyone, we shall meet on different days of the week.

The dates in November are:
Friday 10th 11-2.15
Monday 13th 11-2.15
Sunday 19th 12.45-4.00
Friday 24th 11-2.15
Wednesday 29th 11-2.15.

If possible, email to let her know you plan to come.

Winter Knockout Competitions 2023/24

There are two knockout competitions being run over the winter which are open to all members. Firstly, a 14 point singles handicap event, and secondly a 14 point alternate  stroke doubles handicap event. 
If you have organised a partner for the doubles, please both register and then message Nigel Matthews separately to say who you are playing with. otherwise pairs will be allocated randomly.
To register go to the booking system, click on the box below the date heading which says ‘Lawns’ and then select ‘competitions’ from the drop-down box. Choose the competition you want to enter and register as normal. Registration is open until 31st October.

Novices Competition 2023

Five new members competed on Sunday 8th Oct for the Fotiadi Bowl in this year’s Novices Competition. This was the first time since 2016 the tournament has been held.

On a fine and sunny day, David Beddy, Ed Cheetham, John Bagnall, Robert Cutts-Watson and Garth Aspinall played in four rounds of 14pt short lawn games. The final was an exciting and nail-biting game between David Beddy and Ed Cheetham. David finally coming from behind to win by +4.

After the presentation by Vice-President, Liz Webb, of the Fotiadi Bowl to David, the players and spectators enjoyed tea and cakes courtesy of Liz and her team.

Thanks to the organisers, Andrew Winn and Nigel Matthews, and to grounds manager, Alan Mayne

Wednesday Competion Cancelled – 27th Sept

Owing to lack of numbers registered, the Wednesday competition on 27th Sept is cancelled.
However if you want to play there is no reason for turning up and taking on the other brave souls who are not put off by impending storm Agnes.

Volunteer needed for Assistant Ground Manager

The Committee is looking to fill the newly created position of Assistant Ground Manager at the AGM in November.  The individual would join the committee with a view to eventually becoming the Honorary Ground Manager.

The maintenance of our lawns is vital to the success of the club. 

Alan has been our Ground Manager for the past sixteen years. He celebrated his eightieth birthday earlier this year and we must be realistic regarding how much longer he is able to fulfil this role.

Changes will have to be faced in the forthcoming years when John Greatbanks will also be retiring.  The financial implications for the club will be significant and need to be addressed.  However, it is also vital that someone becomes involved now – learning what needs to be done to grow the grass and measure out lawns etc. 

Presently, Alan works alongside John from 7.15am in the mornings – he enjoys this and will continue as long as he is able – there is no expectation that whoever is appointed becomes similarly involved!  Whilst some “hands on” involvement would be useful, the main objective is to acquire sufficient knowledge of the task to be able to instruct contractors or volunteers in the future.

Anyone interested and able please have a talk with Alan to find out more about what is involved.

Bowdon Croquet Club Committee