All-England GC & AC Area Finals

As is usual each year, Bowdon is willing to pay for 2 players from the club to play in each of the All-England Area Finals:
31 July:            All-England GC Handicap Area Final at Ashby CC
21-22 August:  All-England AC Handicap Area Final at Bury CC

If you would like to be considered for playing in either event then please let Ken Cooper know as soon as possible.

Winners/Runners-Up of the Area Finals are entitled to play in the respective National Final:
4-5 September:      All-England AC Handicap National Final at Sidmouth CC
11-12 September:  All-England GC Handicap National Final at Sidmouth CC

Changes to the Booking System

In order to increase the availability of lawns, it was agreed at the last committee meeting to allow double banking on lawn 1 with effect from Monday 19th April. This is within the allowable covid-19 restrictions and will enable an additional 2 members to play at the club in the same time slot.

The booking system now shows the lawns as: Full A; Full B; Lawn 1P; Lawn 1S; Short A; Short B; Short C.

Full A and Full B are the two lawns at the top of the bank (the old lawns 3 & 4). Lawn 1 is the one in front of the clubhouse and is the only one to be used for double banking. Short A, Short B & Short C are the lawns nearest the entrance gate.

Please make sure when booking a lawn that it is the right one for you. If you book Lawn 1, either P or S, you may be double banked. If you are unhappy with double banking then you need to book Full A or Full B.

Note that the system does not allow double banking for those playing Golf Croquet.

Internal Competitions

Please note that the deadline for entries in the Internal Competitions is Friday 23rd April.

The internal club competitions begin on 1st May and continue throughout the summer months. If you have not yet entered then please do so by contacting Alan Mayne with your choice of competition entries, as highlighted in the email sent out on 14th March.
The rules for each competition can be found via the following link.

Once the entries have been completed the draw, and results, will be shown on the Internal Competitions page in the Competitions section of the website.

Lawns Open from 29 Mar 2021

The lawns will be available for play from Monday at 10.00am. There are 3 full size lawns and 3 short lawns.
Please use the booking system to secure a lawn.
The 14pt and 18pt winter ladders have extended until 30 April to allow competitive play for those who wish to play.
Results to Alan Mayne by phone,text or email as usual.
There are 4 sets of balls in lawn 2 hut for use on lower lawns and 2sets in lawn 4 hut for use on upper lawns

Note that the clubhouse is only available for use of toilet facilities until further notice. Also social distancing must be maintained and no double-banking is allowed until further notice.
Lawns must be booked using the online booking system with a maximum of 3 sessions booked per member. However bookings can now be made up to 4 weeks ahead to accommodate the expected rush of bookings. As you will see there are 3 full lawns and 3 short lawns available with 2 hour sessions.
The CA advice for Covid-19 precautions is shown below.

Teams Entered for NWF Leagues

Following the recent survey of members, the following teams have been entered in the NW Federation leagues together with the captains:

Name of NW Fed LeagueCaptain
B-AdvancedBrian Kerr
AC Weekend HandicapDavid Holland
AC Midweek HandicapAndrew Thomson
Short CroquetCas Sinclair
GC Handicap Margaret Moss

Members who have indicated that they are willing to play in the leagues are:

B-AdvancedAC Weekend HandicapAC Midweek HandicapShort CroquetGC Handicap
Adrian AppsAdrian AppsAdrian AppsCharles 
Mike Flannery
David CottonDavid CottonMike FlanneryJohn 
Martin Granger BrownCharles FraserCharles FraserCarole 
Brian Kerr (C)David Holland (C)David HollandGeorge 
Moss (C)
Nigel MatthewsJohn LambieCarole KelsallJohn 
Will MellorNigel MatthewsJohn LambieWill 
Mike SandlerRos PimlottNigel MatthewsMargaret 
Andrew ThomsonBrian RustRos PimlottBrian 
Mike SandlerBrian RustCarol 
Sinclair (C)
Andrew ThomsonCarol SinclairAngharrad 
Angharrad WaltersAndrew Thomson (C)
Liz WebbAngharrad Walters
Liz Webb

If there are any members, other than the above, who wish to play in any of the teams, please contact the respective captains.

Request for NWFed Logo

The NWFed have asked for offers to design a logo for the Federation to help promote croquet in the area. So if you have a spare moment or two during lockdown why not get your creative talents to support the NWFed.
Details can be found on their website by clicking on this link

Chris Hudson – Induction to WCF Hall of Fame

Chris Hudson, like many people, came to croquet by happy accident. He had bought a house near Crewe which had a croquet lawn/bowling green, so he joined the Croquet Association (“CA”) so that he could play in tournaments.

The Croquet Secretary at Bowdon, Neil Williams, found out about him and wrote to him in 1973 asking him to join the club, which he did. He quickly became heavily involved, becoming Croquet Secretary in 1974. Over the next 42 years of his membership he made an outstanding contribution to the development of croquet in the club, in the UK and internationally. He served as Bowdon’s Croquet Secretary from 1974 to 1980 and became chairman of the committee in 1981. Thanks to his recruitment initiatives, the club acquired an enthusiastic team of younger players, many of whom went on to play at the top national and international level or to serve on CA council or to become coaches and referees.

Chris was elected to the CA Council in 1982 and served as chairman of the Publicity and Development Committee until 1985 when he took on the role of CA Development Officer. During his 15 years in that role he stimulated many initiatives, not always without controversy, but it is fair to say that his time was a golden period for the development of croquet in the UK. The National Croquet Classic for garden players and the National Competition for Schools were two of his initiatives, national Junior Championships were started and Short Croquet, which could be played on a tennis court, was introduced. He edited the Croquet Gazette from 1985 to 1992, modernising the format to widen the appeal with less emphasis on tournament reports and more articles of general interest; many will remember the musings of his regular correspondent, Dolly Rush. Together with the then CA Secretary, Brian MacMillan, he worked to increase the sponsorship of croquet to the benefit of many major events.

In the early 1990s, Chris became an enthusiast for Golf Croquet (“GC”), which at the time was very much a poor relation of Association Croquet. GC soon became a major project for him, something not universally popular in some croquet circles.

Chris was heavily involved in the foundation of the WCF, which was initiated by the CA under Andrew Hope’s chairmanship in 1986, and was elected the first Secretary-General in July 1989. One of his first initiatives was an appeal to supporters worldwide to donate £100 to become a Friend of the WCF, the aim being to raise £25,000 as a reserve. The response was positive and ensured the future financial stability of the WCF.

Concurrently, Chris had linked with the GC enthusiast, Syd Jones, and they persuaded Samantha Curry at the Ripon Spa Hotel to use the hotel’s croquet facilities to promote international competition. GC brought a whole new cadre of players into the croquet world who became the economic base for many clubs with the result that GC is now a fundamental part of croquet’s vitality and development.

In 1996, Chris met General Ahmed Hamroush, the President of the Egyptian Croquet Federation. As a result, Egypt joined the World Croquet Federation, the world was shown a whole new way to play GC and the first GC World Championship was held in Italy in that year.

Chris retired from the WCF in 2001. During his 12 years of service, he had seen its international membership grow from 12 countries to 22 and assisted with the organisation of eight AC World Championships and four GC World Championships.

Chris was a quiet and self-effacing man. He just got on with things without any self-publicity and the full extent of his contribution to the development of croquet will probably never be realised.

Induction into the WCF Hall of Fame is a fitting recognition of his contribution to the sport.