Bowdon Bounders draw at Chester in CNW South GC Handicap League, 22nd June

Bowdon Bounders enjoyed playing away against Chester Senators in the Croquet North West South Golf Croquet Handicap League on Saturday 22nd June. Having lost their first match in the League the Bounders stepped up and achieved a draw on lawns that definitely favour the home team. The match was played in sunshine and a friendly spirit. The Bounders are now in a group of 3 teams tying at the bottom of the League table. However the 2 teams above that group have each played 4 matches so can definitely be caught.

Congratulations are due to David Beddy who won all his singles games with a net score of 28-17.

The Bounders fielded a strong team as follows, with their handicaps:

The Chester Senators’ team was, with their handicaps; Jill Foley 8, Mel Hagan 9, Arnie Bamford 11 and Rhia Taylor 12.

Game results were as follows, with Bowdon scores first.

In the Doubles Carol and Margaret lost to Arnie and Mel 5-7, and David and Garth lost to Jill and Rhia 2-7.

In the Singles:

Margaret beat Arnie 7-5, Rhia 7-6 and Jill 7-3, but lost to Mel 6-7

David beat Rhia 7-4, Jill 7-6, Arnie 7-4 and Mel 7-3

Carol beat Mel 7-1, but lost to Jill 3-7, Rhia 2-7 and Arnie 4-7

Garth beat Arnie 7-2 but lost to Mel 4-7, Jill 1-7 and Rhia 2-7