Charles Harding wins Bowdon’s B-class tournament, 18th -19th June

This annual event in which Bowdon AC players compete against visitors for the ‘Sheila Black Salver’, took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, 18th and 19th June. Spectators enjoyed some exciting play. Game results from the knock-out competition for the Sheila Black Salver are shown at the bottom of this post.

The final between Charles and Rob provided 3 games, to the delight of spectators. The final game was a close encounter, with Charles facing a strong fightback, from Rob. Eventually Rob could not quite overtake Charles on his final turn. Brian Storey won the Egyptian prize.

On Tuesday the semi-final between Charles and Brian Storey was extremely close, and spectators were spellbound as the advantage switched several times. It featured an epic fightback from Brian after Charles had the game almost won. Despite Brian’s determined attack Charles ran out the victor by 26-23.

Lorna Frost managed the tournament in her usual efficient and cheerful manner. The lawns were superbly prepared by Alan Mayne and John Greatbanks. All the players had a happy two days of competitive and friendly play, with fine weather.

The players were, with their handicaps, as follows:

The results for the Sheila Black Salver knock-out competition are shown below, as taken from the Croquet Scores website: