David Maugham wins The Peterson Cup, 1st & 2nd June

Bowdon’s June Advanced weekend on Saturday and Sunday, 1st & 2nd of June was won by David Maugham. The final against David Kibble was exciting for the crowd as well as the players. David Maugham won the first 2 games before David Kibble struck back to take the next game. In the fourth game David Kibble, hit in at the start with his second ball, and played a three ball break round to 4 Back. He looked to be on course to win after David Maugham missed the hit in. But David Kibble stuck in hoop 2 when beginning what he hoped would be a triple peel turn. David took advantage and triple peeled David Kibble’s forward ball and went on to win the Peterson Cup.

Spectators and players enjoyed super weather, with fine bright conditions throughout.

Ian Lines won The Egyptian in addition to cheerfully and efficiently managing the tournament. Well done Ian.

The players, as playing this weekend, are shown below in alphabetical order, with their club and handicap.