Bowdon Earls lose 7 – 9 at Bury, in CNW 14pt Handicap League, 29th May

Bowdon Earls lost their away match against Bury in the Croquet North West 14 point Handicap League. This was their second defeat in the League. Matches are played as all-play-all, with four 90 minute games in each of four rounds. The lawns were wet in the early stages but dried as the day wore on. This was a very close match indeed. Bowdon won the first round of games 3 – 1, but the second and third round games both went to Bury 3 – 1. As the last round of games was shared the overall result was a 7- 9 win for Bury. Mike suffered the disappointment of a Golden Hoop loss to Margaret Eccles. A match really could not get closer.

Our team, with their 14 point handicaps was

Bury’s team, with their 14 point handicaps, was:

Richard Leach 5.5, Margaret Eccles 6.5, Richard Harvey 7.5 and Vi Richards 11

The game results were (Bowdon scores first):

Mike beat Richard H 10-8, but lost to Vi 7-14, Margaret 11-12 and Richard L 5-14

Cas beat Richard H 14-0, but lost to Vi 7-14, Margaret 4-8 and Richard L 8-14

Andrew beat Vi 14-11, Richard H 14-6 and Margaret 12-9, but lost to Richard L 7-14

Barry beat Richard L 12-10 and Richard H 14-7, but lost to Margaret 3-10 and Vi 7-12