Bowdon lose to Hurlingham 2 -5 in Inter-Club Championship, 19th May

Bowdon were not able to overcome the strong Hurlingham team in this Croquet England national Inter-Club Championship. The teams were able to enjoy some lovely sunshine whilst spectators tried to keep in the shade. We will look forward to next year.

Bowdon vs Hurlingham, from left, Mark Ormerod, Tom Coles, Nigel Polhill, Aston Wade, Euan Burridge, Andrew Winn, Angharrad Walters and Jack Good

The Bowdon team was as follows:

The Hurlingham team was Mark Ormerod, Aston Wade, Tom Coles and Nigel Polhill.

Bowdon won the morning session 2 – 1, with wins in the doubles (Angharrad and Andrew) and by Jack in his singles. The latter game was very close with Tom almost making a come-back win after Jack was well ahead. The doubles saw Mark make the first break, as far as hoop 6, in which he stuck attempting a gentle hoop run. Andrew was able to take advantage and make the break to 4 back. Aston failed to hit in from the lift, and Angharrad proceeded to perform a commanding triple peel to win the game.

In the afternoon a good lunch clearly set Hurlingham up for a dominating performance in the 4 singles. The narrowest margin was when Andrew launched a strong attack from being well behind Mark to nearly snatch victory. The match was much appreciated by spectators who saw some skilful and entertaining croquet played.

Game results, Bowdon scores first, were as follows:

Angharrad and Andrew beat Mark and Aston 26(TP Angharrad) – 6

Euan Burridge lost to Nigel 14 – 26

Jack beat Tom 26 – 25

Angharrad lost to Aston 10 – 26

Andrew lost to Mark 24 – 26

Jack lost to Nigel 16 – 26

Euan lost to Tom 15 – 26