Golf Croquet Sessions

Following the success of the golf croquet practice sessions so far, in addition to the ones in November (see below), there will be more sessions in December:
11-12.30 Saturday 9th
11-2.15 Friday 15th
11-2.15 Wednesday 20th.

All are welcome to come and improve our play, or to learn this enjoyable form of croquet. Book on the website.

Golf Croquet is a sociable game. Players go around the lawn together, taking it in turn to play one stroke. There is no sitting out, which makes it a good winter game. Games last around 45 minutes to an hour. They give plenty of practice at scoring hoops and hitting other balls, but the strategy is different from that of Association Croquet.  There is no roquet and croquet.

We are planning some sessions of Golf Croquet, where those new to the game can learn, and others can improve our play. Some experienced players have offered to act as tutors when they can.

Would you like to join us?

So as not to exclude anyone, we shall meet on different days of the week.

The dates in November are:
Friday 10th 11-2.15
Monday 13th 11-2.15
Sunday 19th 12.45-4.00
Friday 24th 11-2.15
Wednesday 29th 11-2.15.

If possible, email to let her know you plan to come.