John Saxby Wednesday Competition – Finals Day; 4 October

This weeks John Saxby was just for fun and didn’t count towards the overall competition. The winner was Lorna Frost, with a score of 87, with Alan Dix, 80 and Adrian Apps, 74 in second and third.

Now to the main event. As you’ve probably guessed, if you’ve been reading these posts for the past few weeks. This years winner, with a huge lead is Alan Dix. Cas Sinclair and Carol Steinberg who were consistently in the top five spot throughout the season were second and third. Well done Alan, you did brilliantly this year.

The top five are as follows:

PosNameTotal Points
1Alan Dix688
2Cas Sinclair595
3Carol Steinberg561
4Adrian Apps556
5Kay Martin522
5Andy Jackson522
Table Top Five Places

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