Bowdon’s NWF Midweek AC Handicap team host Westmorland, 12th Sept.

The table below shows the situation at the top of the NWF Midweek League. Teams play 6 matches over the season.

Bowdon Earls541019-168

Bowdon Earls are still at the top of the league table with 4 wins from 5 matches. Fylde have 3 wins from 5 matches and are in second place. However, Fylde have a much superior net games score. On Tuesday Earls play their final match, against Westmorland. If Earls win that then they win the League. If Earls lose against Westmorland, Fylde can win the League if they win their remaining match against Chester. Chester are bottom of the League having won only one match out of 5. No pressure then Earls.

Unsurprisingly, Earls have picked a team of battle hardened warriors for this crucial match, as shown below:

We wish them the best of luck and fine weather.