Golf Croquet with a bit of a ‘knees-up’, 3rd to 5th Sept.

You may remember that the Bowdon Lawn Bookings System showed a ‘GC Holiday Camp’ occupying the lower level lawns from Sunday 3rd to Tuesday 5th September. It was an interesting event that clearly balanced croquet and fun. With more emphasis on the fun than most croquet gatherings. Information has been mainly provided by Margaret Moss, and a couple of other people who do not wish to be identified. The CA have definitely been kept in the dark about it.

A group of golf croquet players used to enjoy a croquet playing holiday annually in the ancient tiny city of Ripon. When the hotel at Ripon closed participants were very sad and woebegone. The event had not happened for 4 years (sniff, sniff). Step forward Jane Pringle (Bishop Auckland) and Bowdon’s Ros Pimlott, who approached Bowdon CC for the use of 5 short lawns. A local hostelry was booked for accommodation and various evening activities; involving fancy dress, and at least 2 birthday parties. The 27 players/revellers were from Bishop Auckland, Bowdon, Bury, Colchester, Doncaster, Mumbles in South Wales and Ripon. We hope that the local hotel will accept a repeat booking for next year!

Photos by Adrian Apps

Golf Croquet Holiday Campers, at play

All games were level play. 5 friendly games were played with different doubles partners on Sunday, 5 games of singles on Monday and 4 games of doubles on Tuesday. Each day there was a finals match. So players worked hard in the lovely but hot weather. Carol Steinberg of Bowdon won on Sunday, Fred Owen of Bowdon won on Monday and Margaret Eccles of Bury won on Tuesday, a combined triumph for Greater Manchester. The other Bowdon players were Carol Kelsall, Cas Sinclair, Margaret Moss and Ros Pimlott.

Golf Croquet Holiday Campers having a bit of a rest

Kay Martin and Lorna Frost worked very hard to provide much appreciated lunches and teas at the club, and keep order. Our splendid lawns were much praised, although players used to bumpy lawns had to learn quickly how to play delicately. Alan Mayne’s diligence as Grounds Manager was much appreciated.

Many players expressed a desire to return next year. You can’t really blame them can you?