The President’s Cup (AC First Eight), 7th – 10th Sept.

Bowdon CC is honoured to be hosting the President’s Cup Competition. This is part of the Croquet Association ‘Eights’ tournaments in which top players compete in groups of eight, according to ability. There are 4 groups of eight and the President’s Cup is for the best eight, so we will be able to watch some of the Croquet Association’s best players, including a recent, and a current, World AC Champion. All eight players have handicaps of -2 or -2.5.

Places will be allocated by the AC Selection Committee. Each competitor plays a single game against each of the other 7 competitors twice. Thus, there are 14 rounds of single games, the winner being the one with most wins. In the event of a tie in the number of wins the possession of the trophy for the year will be decided by a play-off if time permits. For a 2-way tie it will be a single game; in the event of a tie between three or more competitors, the names will be drawn at random and single games will be played in each round. Play is according to Advanced Rules, or if both players agree, Super-Advanced Rules .

The eight players are:

Robin Brown -2; James Death -2.5 Nottingham; Harry Fisher -2.5 Roehampton; David Goacher -2 Bristol; Debbie Lines -2 Peterborough (Womens’ World Champion AC 2023); Ian Lines -2 Peterborough; Stephen Mulliner -2.5 Surbiton (World Champion AC 2016); and Samir Patel -2.5 Surbiton (winner of The President’s Cup 2022).

Spectators are very welcome. You can be assured of seeing play of the highest quality over 4 days. Obviously all our lawns are closed for general play by members for the 4 days, so come along and watch.