Jack Good and Robert Essler in Selectors’ Weekend, 8th – 10th Sept., Colchester

If you have read the previous post regarding the President’s Cup competition you will be familiar with the principles of the ‘Eights’ competitions. If you have not read it then please do so in order to fully understand the competition. The Selectors’ Weekend is played at the same time as the Eights, and is by invitation.

The Selectors’ Weekend will be played for by 16 players. This is not regarded as the “bottom AC Eight”. Instead, it is for players who show promise but have not yet established a record sufficient to gain a place in an AC Eight. It provides an opportunity to play amongst themselves and with established players who are not excessively stronger than the non-established players.

The competition is four rounds of a Swiss competition, followed by a fifth round in which the 6 players on 2 wins are paired against each other. This means there are now 8 players on 3 or more wins, and these then play a three-round knockout to determine the winner. The Swiss continues so that everyone has the opportunity to play eight games over the weekend.

We are very pleased that Jack and Robert have been selected for this event. We wish them the best of luck and fine weather.