John Saxby Wednesday Competition – Week 19

Eighteen members met up this Wednesday determined to knock Alan Dix off his perch. They all failed miserably as Alan won for the sixth time this season. Well done to Alan who has built what must now be an unassailable lead. Alan scored 82 today, with Andrew Thomson and Ed Cheetham, second and third, scoring 77 and 71 respectively.

Alan Dix - John Saxby Week 19

The top five has a familiar feel, Alan way out in front, but we have a new entry at number 5; Andrew Thomson following his second place today. Andrew has pushed Carol Steinberg down into 6th place.

1Alan Dix684=
2Cas Sinclair547=
3Adrian Apps507=
4Charles Harding503=
5Andrew Thomson498+5
Top 5 table

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