Bowdon’s NWF Midweek AC Handicap team lose at Fylde, 22nd August

Bowdon’s North West Federation Midweek AC Handicap team, Bowdon Earls, played at Fylde on Tuesday 22nd August. Sadly, the games did not go as Bowdon Earls hoped. In fact, Bowdon Earls suffered a 7 – 0 defeat, which is not at all what they are used to.  Mike, Andrew, Cas and David could not quite solve the mysteries of the seaside lawns nor negotiate their way through the forest of bisques they gave away (72 in total).  But it is important to say the players from Fylde all played well and deserved their win. In only one game did Bowdon come closer than 11 points to Fylde. We can only congratulate Fylde on their performance.

Bowdon Earls are still at the top of the league table with 4 wins from 5 matches. Fylde now have 3 wins from 4 matches and are in second place. However, Fylde have a much superior net game score of 20 – 8, compared with Bowdon Earls’ 19 – 16. If Fylde win their remaining 2 matches they will win the league.

Earls’ next and final match is against Westmorland, at Bowdon. If Earls win that and Fylde lose one of their remaining matches Earls would win the league.

Bowdon’s determined, but ultimately defeated, team was:

Fyldes’ team was:

Betty Bates 9, Alan Morton 14, Barry Broughton 18 and Philip Bass 20.

Game results were, if you really want to read them:

Andrew and Cas lost to Betty and Alan 15 – 26

Mike lost to Barry 9 – 26

David lost to Philip 6 – 26

Andrew lost to Betty 12 – 26

Mike lost to Alan 9 – 21

David lost to Barry 10 – 25

Cas lost to Philip 19 – 20