Bowdon’s NWF Level Play GC team beat Crake, 22nd August

Bowdon’s Level Play Golf Croquet team in the North West Federation League ‘Group A’, beat Crake Valley 13 – 5 away. Bowdon had already won the ‘Group A’ title before their journey to Crake, but that did not prevent the match from being a competitive contest. Bowdon have won all 4 of their matches. Crake Valley have only won 1 from 4. Well done team Bowdon.

In these matches, each of the 3 team members plays two games against each of the 3 members of the other team, so there are 18 games played in total. Congratulations are due to Captain Alan Mayne who won all 6 of his games played.

Bowdon’s team is:

Crake Valley’s team was:

Neil Adams, David Cornes and Stephen Skelton.

Game result were as follows:

Alan Mayne beat Neil, David and Stephen

Jack Good beat Stephen and David, but drew against Neil

Nigel Matthews drew against Neil and Stephen but lost against David