Bowdon lose to Chester Senators in NWF GC Handicap league, 19th August

Bowdon lost against visitors Chester Senators 11 – 7 in their North West Federation ‘South’ GC Handicap match on Saturday 19th August. Bowdon are now in third place in the North West Federation ‘South’ league.

Bowdon’s determined team was:

The Chester Senators’ team was Jude Wise 6, Edward Baskerville 6, Jim Hughes 11 and Liz Baskerville 12.

The match was clearly played in a friendly spirit, and Liz Webb took a photo of the teams, unfortunately one of the Chester Senators was missing. Here are the happy players.

Game results were as follows:

Fred and Diana lost to Edward and Jim

Carol and Margaret lost to Jude and Liz

Fred beat Edward, Jude and Liz but lost to Jim

Carol beat Jim but lost to Edward, Jude and Liz

Margaret beat Jude, Edward and Liz but lost to Jim

Diana lost to Jim, Edward, Jude and Liz