Bowdon beat Llanfairfechan in NWF GC Handicap League, 10th August

Bowdon won their second match of the season at Llanfairfechan in the North West Federation GC Handicap League ‘South’. It was a convincing 12 – 6 victory on a hot day in North Wales. Bowdon now have 2 wins and 2 draws from their 6 matches, and have moved into the top half of the table. Charles deserves many congratulations for winning all 4 of his singles.

Bowdon’s team was:

Chester’s team was:

Davyth Fear 6, Anwen Lloyd Williams 8, Liz Griffiths 11 and Roger Moore 12

Game results were as follows:

Mike and Margaret beat Davyth and Roger

Fred and Charles lost to Anwen and Liz

Margaret beat Anwen and Roger, and lost to Davyth and Liz

Mike beat Liz, Roger and Anwen and lost to Davyth

Fred beat Roger and ‘walked over’ Anwen, and lost to Liz and Davyth

Charles beat Liz, Roger, Anwen and Davyth