Bowdon at Chester in NWF AC B-level League, 10th August

Bowdon are travelling to Chester to play their last match in the NWF South AC B-level Advanced League on Thursday 10th August. Bowdon lead the ‘South’ group with 3 wins from 3 matches, and a games tally of 11 – 4. Chester are in second place with 1 win from their 2 matches and a games tally of 3 – 7. Statistical calculations at a level far beyond that of normal people, show that Bowdon will ensure winning the South group if they win just 2 games on Thursday. In that case, even if Chester win their final match against Bury 5 – 0 Bowdon will top the group. The winners of the South group will play a final against the winners of the North group. No pressure then lads!

Bowdon’s determined team are:

We wish them good luck, and trust that they do not wilt under the forecasted hot sunny weather.