Bowdon lose 5 – 13 to Chester Tribunes in NWF GC handicap League, 3rd August

Bowdon lost a keenly fought match against Chester Tribunes in the North West Federation Golf Croquet Handicap League on Thursday 3rd August. The weather was better than forecast with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. The competitive spirit combined with a friendly atmosphere between the teams made for a very enjoyable day of croquet.

Our team was:

Chester Tribunes’ team was:

Brian Lussey 5, Kerry Dodson 5, Sarah Clements 6 and Arnie Bamford 11.

Game results were as follows:

Fred and Monica beat Brian and Arnie

Charles and Diana lost to Sarah and Kerry

Fred beat Arnie and lost to Sarah, Brian and Kerry

Monica lost to Arnie, Sarah, Brian and Kerry

Diana beat Arnie and lost to Sarah, Brian and Kerry

Charles beat Arnie and Kerry, and lost to Brian and Sarah