Andrew Jackson wins Short Croquet Tournament 2023, 1st&2nd August

20 players had a great time over 2 days of competition. The weather was far better than the dire forecasts. One brief shower each day could not dampen our spirits. Lorna managed the Tournament with efficiency, humour and sweeties, as we know she can. Kay was in charge of the biccies and cakes, Angharrad supplied cakes and there were some homemade goodies from Sylvia. As Liz Webb said in addressing the closing ceremony, “The Commonwealth Games is known as the ‘Friendly Games’, and this proved to be a very Friendly Tournament”.

Below are contestants, winners all, awaiting the closing ceremony.

Andrew Jackson, who only started playing in April, won the Bowdon Short Croquet Tournament 2023. The final was contested by Andrew (9) and Alan Mayne (2 peels). Initially Alan got in and took his Black to 3. Andrew promptly took his Red to peg using 3 bisques to do so. Andrew’s leave was well organised, but Alan hit in with Blue from over 20 yards and played a wonderful break. Alan peeled his Black through hoops 3 and 4 to complete his peels, and went on to peg Red out. Andrew was left with his Yellow, for hoop 1, in corner 3, Blue in corner 2 and Black on the South boundary near corner 4. He shot for Blue and missed. Taking another bisque, Andrew roqueted Blue and croqueted it to hoop 1. Then he shot for Black, missed, and took another bisque to make the roquet. Then he croqueted Black to hoop 2 with Yellow to hoop 1. From then on Andrew played a steady, careful break to win the game +4, with 2 bisques unused. Alan was pleased that Andrew had taken his advice on how to play! As Alan said later, “It would have been interesting if I had pegged my Blue out along with Red”. Well done both players for providing a fascinating and skilful final that the spectators appreciated.

In the Quarter-finals Andrew had beaten Phil Eardley +14, Charles Harding had beaten Carol Steinberg +8, Alan Mayne had beaten Alan Dix +11 and Cas Sinclair had beaten Brian Medley +8.

In the semi-finals, Andrew had beaten Charles Harding +14 and Alan had beaten Cas Sinclair +6.

The Egyptian was won by Alan Dix, who was just 1 point ahead of Brian Medley.

Liz Webb, Vice-President of Bowdon CC, presented the trophies with her usual style.

Andrew Jackson receiving the Bowdon Short Trophy 2023 from Liz

Andrew had his Short handicap reduced to 7. John Lucas had his handicap raised from 0 to 0.5. John politely thanked Alan Dix for his last defeat (0 – 14 to Alan!) which sealed the handicap change.