Bowdon Short Croquet Tournament, 1st and 2nd August

The Bowdon Short Croquet Tournament has been made into an internal affair instead of a CA event, next Tuesday and Wednesday (1st and 2nd of August). The tournament has attracted a full complement of 2 guests and 18 Bowdon members who will compete for the trophy. The 3 short lawns and lawn 1 (divided into 2 short lawns) will be occupied by the tournament for most of the 2 days. Lawns 2 and 3 will be available for general play. Lorna Frost is the tournament manager so good behaviour is guaranteed.

The two invited guests are Roger Schofield of Bury and Phil Eardley of Surbiton, both of whom are regular visitors to Bowdon. The Bowdon players are:

We wish them all good luck, fine weather and lots of fun.