Bowdon beat Southport in NWF AC Midweek League, 25th July

Bowdon have increased their lead at the top of the NWF Midweek AC Handicap League. By beating the visiting Southport team, Bowdon now have 4 wins from 4 matches, with Pendle and Craven in second place with 2 wins from their 4 matches. Well done team.

Southport’s team consisted of relatively high bisquers (three at 16 and one at 18), compared with Bowdon. This meant that most games began with Southport players using their bisques to get ahead and Bowdon’s players having to hopefully catch up and overtake in the latter stages. Those latter stages were sometimes very late indeed (particularly in Andrew’s morning singles) and required strong nerves as well as skill.

Our winning team was:

Southport’s team was Peter Williams 16, Anne Mitchell 16, Eileen Rossiter 16 and David Venables 18.

The morning game scores are set out below.

Nigel and Charles lost to Peter and David 14 – 23

Andrew beat Anne 20 – 18

Mike beat Eileen 23 – 21

In the afternoon singles:

Nigel lost to Peter 0 – 26

Andrew beat Eileen 26 – 17

Mike beat Anne 26 – 13

Charles beat David 21 – 10