Bowdon players help CA England win McWeeney competition, 15th – 16th July

This English CA vs Irish CA match is played each year to contest the McWeeney Trophy (a silver cigar box). This year the match was played at the Southport and Birkdale Club over the weekend of 15th to 16th July.

Bowdon players helped the CA England beat the CA Ireland team 16 – 5. Well done team! Congratulations are in order for Nigel Matthews who was presented with the Ian Maugham Memorial Quaich as player of the match. Well done Nigel!

Weather was not very nice on Saturday – Nathaniel Healy memorably played a solid all-round break in the driving rain. Sunday was dry, sunny and warm with a fresh breeze.

The match was played in the best of spirits with a convivial Chinese dinner on the Saturday night, when anecdotes of red cards and swearing at referees in GC tournaments were exchanged. On Sunday afternoon player presciently foreshadowed Djokovic in the Wimbledon Final by treating us to a fairly spectacular piece of mallet abuse (but all in good humour)

Southport’s hospitality, lawns and catering were all superb.

4 Bowdon players are in the English CA team, as below:

Results were as follows:

Croquet EnglandvsCroquet Ireland
Nigel Matthews24 – 22Jane Morrison
Jack Good13 – 26Nathaniel Healy
Brian Medley26 – 1Daniel Bennett
Mike Sandler26 – 2Brian Havill
Paul Hetherington26 – 3Myles McWeeney
Roger Staples26 – 5Nigel Werner
Nigel M & Roger26 – 19Nathaniel & Myles
Jack & Paul16 – 18Jane & Nigel
Brian M & Roger26 – 3Brian H & Myles
Brian M & Mike16 – 18Brian H & Daniel
Nigel M & Paul26 – 22Nathaniel & Nigel W
Jack & Mike26 – 14Jane & Daniel
Nigel M & Mike26 – 20Nathaniel & Daniel
Jack & Roger26 – 16Jane & Myles
Brian M & Paul26 – 10Brian H & Nigel W
Nigel Matthews18 – 19Nathaniel Healy
Jack Good26 – 24Jane Morrison
Brian Medley25 – 23Brian Havill
Mike Sandler3 – 26Daniel Bennett
Paul Hetherington16 – 9Nigel Werner
Roger Staples26 – 1Myles McWeeney