Bowdon players in AC World Championship, Hurlingham, 15th – 23rd July

Bowdon members David Maugham and Alain Giraud will play in the AC World Championship at Hurlingham over 15th to 23rd July. David and Alain are joined by Alison Maugham who recently qualified for the Championship.

The format of the Championship will be block play involving eight blocks of 10 players over 3 days, followed by a knockout involving the top four players from each block. Playoffs in accordance with WCF Sports Regulations to determine progression to the knockout stage will be arranged between contestants who finish tied for the final qualification place(s).

The block games, over the first 3 days, will be played at Hurlingham, Roehampton, Ealing, Surbiton, Dulwich and Woking. All knockout stage games will be played at Hurlingham.

We wish David, Alain and Alison the very best of luck.