Jack Good wins CA GC Cheshire Open Championship, 8th & 9th July

Jack Good was the eventual and deserved winner of the Croquet Association Golf Croquet Cheshire Open Championship, over the last weekend, 8th and 9th July. John -Paul Moberley was runner-up, in the all-Bowdon final, which Jack won 7 – 5, 7- 5. Both players won their respective group stage blocks. Jack had the distinction of winning every game throughout the Championship. Jack beat Euan Burridge (Nottingham) 7-5, 7-5 in one semi-final, and John-Paul beat Richard Bilton (Gainsborough) 7-5, 3-7, 7-4 in the other semi-final. Ian Burridge (Nottingham) won the Plate, with Alain Giraud (Ealing and Bowdon) in second place.

Jack wins the Cheshire Open trophy, presented by Liz Webb

Photos above by Sylvia Steer

The results of the Plate competition are shown below