Bowdon NWF Weekend Handicap team lost to Fylde 3-4 on 9th July

Bowdon’s NWF AC weekend AC Handicap team lost Fylde on Sunday 9th July.

Bowdon’s team was:

The weather forecast was dry in the morning but thunderstorms forecast from 4pm. Andrew played in his first league match and was unlucky to lose the doubles game with Brian. Charles won both his games with a convincing 26-0 win in the afternoon. Dosappointingly Adrian lost both games.
Brian had a tremendous win in his singles game. His opponent, Andrew Webb, went round to peg with both balls, missed pegging out one but pegged out the other ball. At this stage, Brian was on peg and hoop 2. He managed to hit in from across the lawn and proceeded to get all the way round with just the 3 balls. Just as he pegged out and won the game, the heavens opened and we all ran to shelter from the tremendous thunderstorm.

The details are:
In the morning:
Brian (1.5) & Andrew (24) lost to Ian Theakstone (9) & Barry Broughton (20) 17-26
Adrian (3) lost to Andrew Webb (4) 3-26
Charles (14) beat Bett Bates (9)

In the afternoon:
Brian beat Andrew 26-25
Adrian lost to Betty 11-26
Charles beat Ian 26-0
Andrew ost to Barry 5-26