Bowdon lose to Bury in NWF Weekend Handicap League, 1st July

Bowdon lost to a very strong Bury Caesars’ team by 2 – 5. Bowdon’s only wins came from Nigel Matthews. In his match against Roger Schofield Nigel played the break of the day. With time running down, Roger had played well and his green and brown balls were on peg. Nigel’s white was for 3 and his pink was at penult. To make things more difficult for Nigel, it was clear that time would go during his next turn. Nigel played a superb break. He peeled pink through penult, in passing. As he eventually came through penult with white, pink was about 6 feet from rover and angled. Nigel had brown and green in close attendance either side of rover. He peeled pink through rover, but on running rover with white he roqueted pink. Now the scores were level, so Nigel cleared brown and green away into the far reaches of the lawn and pegged out white to lead by 1. Roger tried to level the game by shooting at the peg but missed. A great finish to watch. Well done Nigel.

Bury Caesars now go top of the league, having the same match results as Bowdon, won 3 lost 1, but a better game score of 17-11 compared to Bowdon’s 14-14.

Bowdon’s team was:

Bury Caesars’ team was Tony Phillips 4, Roger Schofield 6, Chris Alvey 8 and Anne Alvey 14.

Game scores were as follows:

In the morning doubles, Dave and Charles lost to Tony and Chris 18-26. In the morning singles John lost to Anne 3-26, and Nigel beat Roger in spectacular fashion, 25-24.

In the afternoon singles, John lost to Roger 0-26, Dave lost to Chris 3-26, Charles lost to Anne 15-21 and Nigel beat Tony 26-13.

Dave Holland is thinking of kidnapping Nigel and only letting him free for league matches!