Festival of Croquet at Southport, 24th and 25th June

Bowdon members had an enjoyable weekend and glorious weather on Saturday, although not so good on Sunday. We won the Level Play Golf shield and the 18pt AC Handicap shield for the second year running. Overall we came 3rd after first placed Pendle and second placed Fylde.
The full report from NWFed can be seen here
The full results can be seen here.

The annual North West Festival of Croquet was hosted by the Southport and Birkdale club. The various competitions covered just about all formats of the game. Bowdon was well represented in 4 of the competitions. Our teams were as follows:

Short croquet, on Saturday:-  Fred Owen (Capt), Nan and Richard Saul. On Sunday:- Fred Owen (Capt), Pauline and Gordon Hennel.

18 Point handicap – on Saturday:- Adrian Apps (Capt), Louise Cheyne and Angharrad Walters. On Sunday:- Louise Cheyne (Capt), Ros Pimlott and Dave Holland.

Golf Handicap – Saturday:- Dave Holland(Capt) and Diana Jerman. On Sunday:- Margaret Moss (Capt) and Carol Steinberg.

Golf Level – Saturday and Sunday:- Simon Jenkins (Capt) and Jack Good.

We wish them all good luck and lots of seaside fun.