Neil Adams wins Sheila Black Salver, B-Class tournament, 20th – 21st June

Neil Adams of the Westmorland Club won the Sheila Black Salver, having won all his games in the tournament, culminating in 2 games in the ‘best of three’ final. The runner-up was Peter Wilson of Fylde. Mark Simmerson of Sheffield won the Egyptian, and enjoyed a handicap reduction from 4.5 to 4. All scores for games are shown at the bottom of this post.

Catering was ably provided by Lorna Frost, who also managed the tournament. Angharrad Walters provided assistance in catering, referring and playing games with any player who was ‘sitting-out’. Thanks to both of them.

Neil Adams wins Sheila Black Salver, presented by Angharrad Walters.

The players who enjoyed themselves over the 2 days were:

Below are the scores in games for the knockout competition to win the Sheila black Salver.