Bowdon win at Bury in NWF Weekend Handicap League, 4th June

Bowdon played away against Bury Peelers hoping to win their second match of the season. They managed to win a very close match, and now tie with Fylde for top spot in the North West Federation AC Weekend Handicap League.

Bowdon’s team was:

Bury Peelers’ team was Paul Kenworthy 1, David Barrett 4, Margaret Eccles 12 and Richard Leach 12.

Bowdon raced off to a good start in the morning games, winning all 3. Those games all involved Bowdon players showing character by coming back from behind. Team Bowdon felt some confidence for the afternoon singles games. However things did not quite go according to plan. Three of the four games were lost, two quite narrowly, and only John’s win against David got Bowdon over the line in the match.

Game details are below:

In the morning, Alan and Charles won the doubles against David and Richard 14-12. David beat Margaret 14-11 and John beat Paul 23-18.

In the afternoon, Alan lost to Paul 15-17, David lost to Richard 8-26, Charles lost to Margaret 14-15 (on a Golden Hoop), and John beat David 22-8.