Bowdon lose NWF GC handicap match at Llanfairfechan, 31st May

Bowdon’s Golf Croquet Handicap team lost heavily away to Lllanfairfechan Dragons in the North West Federation League match on Wednesday 31st May. Our team was:

Llanfairfechan’s team was Liz Jordan 7, Jane Turner 9, Sue Kendall 10 and Rod Bowen 10

In the doubles:

Ros and Margaret lost to Liz and Sue, and Fred and Carol lost to Rod and Jane.

In the singles:

Carol lost to Liz, Sue and Jane, and beat Rod

Margaret lost to Liz, Sue, Jane, and Rod

Ros lost to Liz, Sue, Jane, and Rod

Fred lost to Rod and Sue, and beat Liz and Jane

In all the result was a disappointing loss by 3-15. We should congratulate the Llanfaifechan Dragons on their win and be determined to do better next time we meet.