‘B’ Class team beat Bury 3 – 2 in NWF League match, 14th May

On Sunday our B Class team managed a nail biting win against our opponents from Bury in the NWF B-Class League. Our team was as follows:

Our opponents were Paul Kenworthy 1, Ged Smolskas 3.5 and Phil Nuttall 10.

In the morning games Adrian and John lost to Paul and Phil by -1 on time. This was a close encounter with Paul playing particularly well and ably supported by Phil who is still learning Advanced play but followed Paul’s advice and ran his hoops well. In the morning singles Ged took an early lead against Brian and maintained it despite a strong challenge from Brian. Ultimately Ged pegged out for a narrow 26 – 23 win. This left Bowdon 2 games down with the three singles games to play.

Whatever team Bowdon had for lunch certainly set them up for the singles. Adrian was the first to finish by beating Ged 26 – 6. Brian played a very dominant game to beat Paul 26 – 1. John took an early lead against Phil and then had to survive a determined fightback with Phil taking risky shots that were paying off. John failed to take some chances, but protected his lead. Phil eventually took a risky shot too many and let John in for a final break that left him a 7 point lead as time ran out. Phil could not hit in on the appropriately scattered balls, leaving John a relieved winner on +7 on time.

A win for Bowdon 3 – 2. Phew!