Eric Black sculptures at Manchester GS

We were recently asked if we could identify the maker of some “Star Sculptures” that had been donated to the Chemistry Department of Manchester Grammar School, but no-one knew the maker’s name. There was a belief that the donor was a member of Bowdon Croquet Club about 30 years ago! The club’s collective memory was polled and the sculptor was identified as the late Eric Black.

Eric Black was, along with his sister Sheila, an active player at the club especially in the 70s. Our club handbook for 2022 reveals that Eric and Sheila won the Handicap Doubles trophy in 1972. Eric won the Singles Handicap trophy [The Silver Box] in 1973 and the B Class trophy in 1976. He accompanied Sheila in maintaining a regular attendance at the club until failing health prevented him from doing so. Eric had used his skills as an Engineer to create the sculptures.

Once we identified Eric as the sculptor, Manchester Grammar School arranged for a plaque to be made to credit Eric with the creation of the ‘Stars’.  This plaque along with some of the sculptures were put on display at the recent MGS open day.  The plaque and another of the numerous sculptures, with the plaque, are shown in the photos below.

It was a great pleasure for club members, who have very fond memories of Eric and Sheila, to assist in Eric being correctly identified and recognised in this way by Manchester Grammar School. He was a talented engineer, a valued and skilful club member and a gentleman.