John Saxby Wednesday Competition – Week 28

Despite a horrible rainy day, 6 gallant members turned up for the final week of the Wednesday Competition and a good friendly time was had by all! This week Sylvia Steer won with a score of 82. Well done everyone.

1st Sylvia Steer 82 pts
2nd Alan Dix 51 pts
3rd Andrew Kenyon 49 pts

You can view the final table here
The top five are as follows:

Position NameScore
1st Cas Sinclair651
2nd Janet Guthrie578
3rd David Holland576
4th Ken Cooper575
5th Lorna Frost563

Well done to Cas, who took the lead after week 14 and kept it through to the end, with 5 individual wins. Next Wednesday is for fun only and also when the final trophy will be presented.