Bowdon lose to Roehampton 2 – 5 in AC Inter-Club Final, 2 Oct

Bowdon should be congratulated on having fought their way to the final of the Croquet Association Inter-Club Association Croquet Competition. We sent a strong team to Surbiton to play Roehampton in the final. However, on the day, Roehampton just played better and were worthy winners particularly by having completed 4 triple peels in the 7 games. The Bowdon team was Angharrad Walters (Captain), Alain Giraud, Brian Storey and Nigel Matthews.

In the doubles, Angharrad and Alain lost to Harry Fisher and Joel Taylor 0 – 26tp

In the singles, Brian beat Tim Russell 26 – 0 and lost to Mark van Loon 1 – 26; Nigel lost to Mark 0 – 26tp and beat Tim 26 – 20; Angharrad lost to Joel 0 – 26tp, and Alain lost to Harry 0 – 26tp.

Now we can look forward to next season.