Bowdon lose to Hurlingham 2 – 4 in Mary Rose final, 1 Oct

Bowdon’s Mary Rose team ended their hard fought season in the final of the Croquet Association AC Inter-Club, Mary Rose, knock-out competition, at Surbiton on Saturday 1 October. Unfortunately we lost 2 – 4 against Hurlingham CC who played the better croquet on the day and should be congratulated on their win. Bowdon can now look forward to next season.

This national CA competition is for Advanced play, by teams with members having handicaps of 0 and above, and an aggregate handicap of at least 4. The Hurlingham team aggregrate handicap was 4.5, whilst Bowdon’s was 9.

Bowdon’s experienced and very talented team was:

The morning doubles game with Mike (1.5) and Brian (1.5) playing against Alan Chance (0) and Andrew Wise (0.5) was ‘pegged down’, to be resumed if it would affect the overall result.

In the singles, Adrian (4) lost to Guy Hewitt (1.5) 9 – 26 and Stephen Allen (2.5) 6 – 26; Charles (2) beat Stephen 26 – 19 and lost to Guy 16 – 18; Mike beat Alan 26 – 16, and Brian lost to Andrew 11 – 26.