Bowdon lose NWF B Advanced League Final v Crake Valley, 29 Sept

Bowdon’s B Class Advanced team won the ‘NWF south’ competition and faced Crake Valley who won the ‘NWF north’ competition. The match was played on the neutral lawns of Fylde CC on Thursday 29 September, to decide the overall winner of the League. Unfortunately, Bowdon lost by the narrowest of margins, 2 – 3 and had to hand the trophy over to the Crake Valley team.

Our determined and experienced team was:

The morning singles saw Charles (2) lose to Neil Adams (1) -18. The doubles, with John L (3.5) and Adrian (4) against Steve Skelton (3) and John Henderson (4), was particularly exciting. Steve, going second for Crake, began by hitting in and running hoop 1 before John L had played his ball onto the lawn. John L promptly hit in and made the standard break to 4-back. Adrian eventually went to peg after some exchanges leaving Bowdon quite well ahead. John L struggled through 4-back but Steve got back in and after giving a few chances pegged Adrian out. John H was then at 1-back with John L at Penult. John H played well to get through Penult which levelled the game, and time went on that turn. However, he blobbed Rover after a long take-off to the hoop. John L took his 4-back lift from A baulk and hit John H’s ball next to Rover, and then used Steve’s ball to run Penult and win the game +1. Phew!

In the afternoon singles, Charles beat Steve +11, John L lost to Neil -18 and Adrian lost to John H -16.

At least we could say that the Bowdon players each won a game. Congratulations to our opponents, and special thanks to Fylde who generously hosted the match and provided endless tea and biscuits. The weather offered a few cold breezes but the afternoon was generally sunny and warm.